Batman: Arkham Origins Review

On November 5, 2013

Ahoy there me hearties! Here’s your favorite app pirate ready to give ye another review. When I was a little lad, aside from watching movies about pirates, I also enjoyed watching superhero films. Aye, this buccaneer secretly wishes to be one too. Har, har, har! ‘Tis why I also have fun playing superhero games on my device. One of them is a Batman app. Let’s see if ye buckos would love it with this Batman: Arkham Origins review.

What’s the Game About?

Batman: Arkham Origins lets you play the role of the superhero that you watched when you were growing up. You will face different villains who will try to bring you down. Save the Gotham City from all these evils mostly by tapping on your device’s screen. There are buttons that you can tap at the bottom of the screen that will let you attack, as well as block the enemy’s attack. There are different stances that you could unlock and abilities to purchase, which you could also upgrade for a more powerful blow against the enemy.

Batman Arkham Origins Review

The controls work fine. They are responsive so you wouldn’t have problems with your offense and defense. Aside from tapping for your punches, kicks and stances, you would also need to swipe on the screen at times. Arrows will flash, which you need to follow. You would find yourself tapping and swiping the whole game, which can be a bit straining on the fingers.

Stamina is spent on each mission. And when you run out of stamina, you need to wait for it to be replenished before you can continue playing, which can take some time. If you really can’t wait for the stamina to fill, you have the option to purchase Wayne tech tokens and instantly replenish it, which can also be used in buying new abilities. If you are an impatient player, you may find yourself spending real cash to continue without waiting.

It’s Realistic

The graphics and sounds of the game deserve two thumbs up. There are different environments on each fight, as well as different opponents to take down. Each detail on the background and characters is well thought and well executed. The movements of the characters are also smooth. There are some parts that are shown in slow motion, which gives a dramatic effect on the game.

Batman Arkham Origins App

However, it usually takes time for Batman to free himself when the opponent gets him. You need to swipe on different directions following the arrows several times before he is freed. But the sounds that the characters make during a fight are also realistic. There is also a sound effect when punches or kicks are made.

The Verdict

Batman: Arkham Origins comes for free so it can’t be considered a bad app. Plus, the visuals and sound effects were excellently made so you will be entertained with these. The controls work well adding to the game experience. However, it gets repetitive after some time since you just have to do the same action over again, which includes tapping and swiping. Stamina also takes time to replenish somewhat leading you to make an in-app purchase.

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  1. Bryan says:

    I can’t here the special effects on my IPhone, only the music. I’ve tried adjusting the volume for the SPX by turning it all the way up while turning the music down to a minimal. Do you have any solutions?

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