Bird Zapper Review

On December 30, 2012

Argh, to continue the bird them o’ my reviews, I’d like to tell ye one more reason why I don’t bring along birds with me on me journeys. Fer one, they are scum when ye don’t train ’em, and often they will poop on everything ye own. That’s why crow’s nest is devoid of birds, and only houses me first mate during important times. Other than that, birds have been curses for me and me crew. Even the pretty albatross seem to only bring sadness when it appears. Beyond that, I really just hate cleaning after ’em as that stuff can smell really bad. This is why I truly feel for the plight of our little squirrel in Bird Zapper, as he only wants to listen to his music and enjoy the day.

Fighting Bird Hordes with Magic Lightning

If ye ever played at a casino, then ye know what match-3 gaming is. Of course, I could have pointed out several different games that regard this type o’ gameplay, but for the life o’ me, I remember none. The gist o’ the gameplay is that ye have to match three types o’ things in order to get the prize. In this game, that prize be the destruction of the little birds that little the electric wire high above the little squirrel’s home. This sounds a lot simpler than it really is, and the fact here is that this game is not for the slow of reflex. Yer only weapon against the birdie horde is the use of’ lightning in yer fighting. Ye shoot a bolt straight through the 3 that match and that destroys that line. The mechanic mostly depends on yer speed in the flick, so ye’ll have to be ready.

While the birds don’t move too fast, waiting for them to align can be a matter of fast moves. Ya see, the game won’t want for you to take yer time and find the perfect shot, no. Often, they move in numbers and if ye concentrate on merely one line o’ birds, yer going to miss 2 others.

The speed by which the birds move is perfect, and it will only be taxing to the first time gamer. O’er time though, ye will get used to the rhythm o’ the game, but then it starts doing weird things that really keep you on yer toes. There is this one instance wherein the screen expands, and draws back to reveal an extra row. This isn’t how the game evolves though, as it happened very randomly during the course o’ my playing. That isn’t even the least o’ it, and the tutorial seems to be happy not to tell you just what it has in store for ye. In fact, I will only tell ye of a few things that will happen, just so that the game still has a ton of surprise for ye. One thing that seemed to happen commonly as I played, were bomb birds. You hit ’em in a line, and ye get so much more extra points.

Animation and Cursed Paintings

Aye, the game be pretty looking and detailed to boot. It has some pretty weird, yet unique ideas that ye can check out. The birds also look varied and the backgrounds are okay. Overall, the aesthetic design is nothing to write home about.

A Game that is Weird but in a good Way

Strange, frantic, and sort of fun are the best descriptors to place on these games. Aye, these be a good title to have, but only because ye might need it to perk up every once in a while. It teases yer mind, and often twists ye around so that it know ye are aware. For this, the game is definitely one o’ the more difficult puzzlers out there, so be warned.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Great little game! anyone know a similar title?..

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