Food Street Review

On August 1, 2016

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Ahoy there me mateys! Here’s yer friendly app pirate again back again from sailing the seven seas, booty hunting and find interesting apps that I could share with ye me hearties. Aside from hunting for treasures, I have one talent that all of the crew in the ship know. I’m a good cook. Aye! ‘Tis why they always put me in charge of the cooking in the good old Jolly Roger. You wouldn’t be able to exclaim yo, ho, ho, once you tried me cooking! This has something to do with the app that I will share with ye today buckos. ‘Tis called Food Street by Supersolid. Avast ye and let’s begin.

It’s Familiar

Food Street App

Food Street is a restaurant management, simulation game that would instantly be familiar if you’ve played other games in this genre like Café World and Restaurant City. Even if you have not played this specific genre, but played a simulation game that has something to do about building and management like building a village, city or hotel chains, then you would immediately have an idea on what it is. They have the same gameplay in which you start with the basics and free coins that you have, then you eventually grow your property as you earn more money. In this case, you’ll earn more money from your customers. You could then expand your restaurant, decorate it and serve more foods as you get to higher levels. Like the other games mentioned, there are unlockable items and processes may take time, unless you wish to speed it up using premium currency.

It Brings a New Twist

Most of the games on the same genre revolve on the process of earning more, expanding and the process repeats every time. This one is not just that because it has a nice twist making it more interesting. You could join a club and exchange ingredients with them. Plus, there are also contests that you could join together with your group. So it’s more social and you could feel that you really belong to a specific group even when it’s just played online.

It’s an Eye Candy

Food Street Review

This free to play game has good graphics. It’s a 3D game and you would want to unlock the items as soon as possible to decorate your restaurant. The movement of the characters, even the diners, is also swifter compared to most games that are similar to it. The advertisements could just be intrusive at times.

The Pros

It’s free and it has gorgeous graphics and swift movement that’s a joy to see. There’s so much items to unlock making you want to play more. The social feature that lets you join a group and compete with others is a nice welcome and good twist.

The Cons

The advertisements can be intrusive and it may take time to unlock other items unless you use premium currency.

The Verdict

Advertisements are common to freemium games so that would be forgivable. Aside from that, this is a really good game to try. It’s something that you could check out for a few minutes each day then go back the next day.

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  1. Gorge says:

    This is definitely something that I would try on my iPhone. However, I will also have to admit that there is nothing new to it. It’s a cooking game like many others and even though my passion for arcade apps like this one: is stronger, I will still give Food Street a go. Keep posting!

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