Tito’s Shell Review

On February 19, 2013

Awww! I love turtles. Turtles be one of me favorite pets, next to this stupid parrot, of course. But don’t tell him I told ye so. But aye, I be loving turtles like I be loving this sharp cutlass. So, if ye ask me about Tito’s Shell, I be telling you that the app is good because any app that has a cute turtle in it will always be good. And I declared that in the name of good, ol’ Calypso.

Last January 2013, a refreshing new puzzler was officially launched by 99 Games Online Private LTD. Its name – Tito’s Shell. It is currently priced at $0.99 for all iOS devices. Is it good? Well, like all other puzzlers based on physics, it has varying degrees of greatness. Check out what I noticed during my time tinkering with this app.

A Turtle and His Shell

Poor Tito, he lost his shell and he can’t remember where. Yes, that is basically the gist of this app’s story. In Tito’s Shell, you are tasked reunite the cute and clueless turtle with his trusty hard shell.

Tito's Shell Review

Unfortunately, 45 levels full of obstacles are in Tito’s way. No problem, with your awesome logic, quick thinking, and problem solving skills, you should be able to easily help Tito find his shell.

Simplicity and Fun at its Core

This Stinky old Pirate happens to like Tito’s Shell because everything is straightforward. I have played numerous physics puzzler apps before and most of them often focus too much on complexities in order to make each level or puzzle require some clever deduction from you. While this is alright sometimes, they tend to overdo it and forget about the fun factor, the real reason people play these games. Tito’s Shell focuses on the fun side of the game and makes each level less confusing as you would expect. The app also features a system where each level on every play-through is fresh and new.

Tito's Shell App

This is done by revolving and rotating the many obstacles and elements in the game and randomizing its placement in every environment and level. This increases the re-playability factor of the game exponentially and adds a bit more challenge to the game in general. In Tito’s Shell, each level and puzzle is different and that is what makes this app shine.


Tito’s Shell is a well-designed app with backgrounds full of vivacious colors and sharp detail. The game mechanics work well and has certainly a great appeal to the masses. And because of it having an ingenious design where every level is different, people will be happy with an app that they can play, play, and play yet again, providing challenges they have not encountered before.

The only drawback, however, is that the game’s engine lagged at certain moments in the game. The game also crashed on me twice. These problems could be the game or could be rooted on my iPhone as some other players that have used it on an iPad have not reported similar occurrences. Whatever is the case, though, if the developers continue to update their bright baby of an app, this title will become a brand that people will definitely remember.

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    Thanks for reviewing Tito’s Shell and letting your readers know about the Game 🙂

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