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On July 6, 2015

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Avast ye lads and lasses! One of the things that these buckos and I enjoy doing when not on a battle with other ships or booty hunting is play games. Ye might be surprised ‘cause we also play trivia games. Ye scallywags think that this old salt knows nothing aside from being a pirate, aye? Shiver me timbers! Ye all be surprised at what this seadog can do. I’ll be sharing with ye a trivia game app called Trivia Crack. Batten down the hatches as we start this review.

It’s Fun, Entertaining and Educational

Trivia Crack Review

If you love trivia games, you would find this app interesting. This is also a great way to test the knowledge of your friends who seem to know it all. The graphics and characters are fun to see as they are colorful and cute. It’s entertaining because you get to challenge your friends and other random users to see the best player in general knowledge. It’s also educational because you’ll learn new things through the game.

The questions are divided into six categories namely Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports and History. You can’t choose a category unless you get the crown icon on your spin. So you’re more likely to get a question from a random category on your turn. There are also options that would help you get through the level like skip and extra time, which would cost you coins. You earn coins as you unlock achievements so you must strategize in order to make the most out of what you earned.

Something You Can Play for a Long Time

Trivia Crack App

The app currently has over 1000 questions and it’s always being updated so you wouldn’t get tired of the same questions. You can also submit your own questions or translate questions to another language allowing to somewhat participate in the continuous growth of the app. It’s also social as you get to chat with your friends who are also using this application. Even when your friends are not online, you can always play with other users.

Good Sides

The good thing about this app is that there’s an option to get the free or paid version. If you don’t want to spend anything to start playing the game, you may go for the free one. It lets you communicate with friends and play with each other. There are also several questions available under different categories that are constantly being updated so you can test your knowledge, as well as learn more things.

Bad Sides

The free version has advertisements that can sometimes be annoying. Getting the paid version on the other hand will remove the ads, but there are still in-app purchases on the game that could lead you to spending money if you don’t control yourself.

The Verdict

Trivia Crack may have advertisements that come with the free version, but this is usually how unpaid apps earn. While there are also in-app purchases, which are not uncommon in games today, it’s still up to you if you wish to make a purchase or not. This game is fun to play and challenging at the same time. It will also help you gain more information. That being said, I recommend that you give this app a try.

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  1. Gorge says:

    Nice post here! I really like how it’s all presented and your verdict is really honest! However, I do believe that you over rated it! I would have given it a 3/5 star rating to be frank. Ads and in-app purchases both are really bad and they spoil the fun. I would rather keep playing my favourite arcade game: than get involved in something that will tempt me to spend!

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