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On October 29, 2012

Avast ye scurvy dogs, it is time for I, the App Pirate, to lay upon thee another review! If there is one subject close to any sea faring wight’s hearts, it’s the freedom of the ocean air and the wobble of the sailing ship under me feet. How painful it must be then to be caged under lock and key, like my dear old Paulie the Parrot. A pirate must always be free, and that is why we break away the chains and destroy what binds ye, and maybe with yer mind, you can do the same as the little land lubber in today’s game, stuck in a cage like a message in a bottle. So here be a little treat for the free people of the sea, unlock, the game about taking apart stuff with yer mind.

What Does it look like

At first glance, any land lubber would see that the game looks a little cutesy. However, that is the game’s main charm, and the look really works towards how the game also functions. It be shown that the little creature manipulating the puzzle is marooned in a glass container. The main focus ye should put yer concentration to is the puzzle that floats in front ‘o ye. Using the touch controls, ye must break apart the puzzle to pieces, which might require ye to rotate the puzzle. This is little touch makes the game a wee bit more engaging, being that each piece is manipulated through touch, while the 3D effects make it all the more teasing . Overall, the game has simple aesthetics, and the colors are nice and vivid to look at. It be pleasin’ to the eye when a game need not make what ye look at so detailed.

How Does Unlock Play

Perhaps the best way to describe the way this little puzzler plays is with the little captioned portrait above. The titular idea of the game is to “think in 3D” which is exactly how ye destroy each puzzle.  With a light swipe of your cutlass, or yer finger if ye be a lilly livered scoundrel, ye can move the puzzle in all the glory of the three dimensions. Keeping your finger in place and making a motion will trigger the piece to be jiggled and in order to remove a piece, ye’ll have to figure out just where a piece is more vulnerable.  Though if there be one flaw with how it plays, it is the controls themselves. Often the game would misinterpret yer swipe and instead thinks ye be tryin’ to remove a piece. This can lead to frustrations which might build up like a boat of pirates who haven’t seen land in ages. Beyond that, the game is charming and while the controls do need to be keehauled and be left to the brig till they learn how to work, that doesn’t diminish how fun it is.

The Verdict

If thar be only one thing this game can boast, which is lie, it is a great 3D puzzler game with a lot of content to offer. Mayhaps ye might not think this game is much because of the simple approach and look, but ye’d be very wrong. Unlock features over 50 levels of puzzles, all of which become more and more like a white whale ye must conquer. Though none of them get as challenging as the raging storm I face after this review, it will no doubt give you fun every time you pick it up. It is a definite recommend, so look it up and win this little critter’s freedom for the sake of all pirates.

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  1. Kriatian Karli says:

    Unlock hands down the best puzzle game for iPhone! Check 100 floors and doors too

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