Zombie Fish Tank Review

On July 1, 2013

What will you do when everything you have ever known is taken away from you? Your life, your love and your very freedom is snatched right before your eyes. Well, come back from the dead and unleash hell, of course! Instead of being a human however, you are a zombie fish. A fish that has been brought back from the dead is now a flesh-eating, living (relatively), killing machine. The game is called Zombie Fish Tank and it is available for iOS devices.

The Concept of the Game

Living your life as a simple pond fish with your loving mate, things couldn’t be any simpler or happier. That is until your mate is squashed and you being experimented on and killed. Coming back from the dead, you vow vengeance and destroy everything in your sight.

Zombie Fish Tank Review

From other aquatic life to devouring boats and everything in your sight, you will need to fill the zombie’s voracious appetite. Zombie Fish Tank puts you in control of a zombie fish with absolutely nothing to lose. You know Matey, i think ima get a zombie fish tank for me ship, to push my crew for mutiny attempts. Aye, no lad will want to get sunk head first in such a tank i say!


Zombie Fish Tank has tons of features that will make playing it on your device as one of the most exhilarating gaming experiences you will ever have. First of all, there are more than 40 levels to this game which includes various types of objectives. Other than not being able to finish the storyline in a couple of hours, the challenges are mixed up so it does not become boring at all. Then, you have over 80 types of fish that you will devour and that adds up to the uniqueness of the game. It is like you are in a real aquarium with all the types of fish you will get to see.


Chillingo, the developer of the game, never fails to amaze players when it comes to the actual features of playing and Zombie Fish Tank is no exception. The visuals alone are so sharp and colourful that it really is a treat for players who have quite the taste for enhanced graphics in games. Controls are also very easy. All you need to do is tap the screen to move the fish and devour other fish in the aquarium.

Zombie Fish Tank App

Your objective is to eat the smaller fish and avoid the bigger ones. Even if you’re a zombie, you’re no match for the larger, radioactive fish in the aquarium. That is unless you unleash rage time after filling up the meter on the left side of your screen. When you are in that mode, everything is up for grabs and you can devour anything and everything in sight!


As a fast-paced, action packed underwater thrill ride, Zombie Fish Tank gives a whole new meaning to the word vengeance. If you like non-stop action in your games, then this is one that you definitely will love. Worth the download and you won’t get tired of it immediately after completing the game. The replay value of this game is very high and won’t become boring after some time.

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