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Run Sausage Run! Review

On February 13, 2018

Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! When me and the crew are drinking rum, ye won’t believe what our favorite food match is; it’s sausage! Aye, this buccaneers never get tired of eating sausage. When I found this app called Run Sausage Run! by Crazy Labs by TabTale, it got me attention, ‘acause […]

Infinite Stairs Review

On February 10, 2018

Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Cheers to yer favorite app pirate bringing home loads of booties and taking down barrels of rum! Har, har, har! Don’t worry me lads and lasses, those barrels of rums didn’t get me drunk. This bucko is still sober, so I won’t still miss this chance of […]

Zombie Castaways Review

On February 6, 2018

Ahoy there me hearties! Yer favorite app pirate is back from another fun adventure from the seven seas. Me and the crew had a great time exploring new islands that we discovered and sunken ships under the sea. One of the best thing me found was this mobile phone full of various apps. Me tried […]

Paper Toss Boss Review

On February 3, 2018

Ahoy there me hearties! It’s me again, yer favorite app pirate, back from another adventure from the seven seas. Ye see, this old salt used to be a naughty little lad. I remember me and me friends used to throw paper at the back of me teacher when she was not looking. Har, har, har! […]

Crossword Jam Review

On January 30, 2018

Yo, ho, ho, and bottle of rum! Shiver me timbers! Me and the crew just had a battle with this buccaneers from another ship. But the old good old Jolly Roger won! On top of that we also found this island that had loads of booties. So ye know what we are about to do […]

Hungry Hearts Diner Review

On January 27, 2018

Ahoy there me hearties! This old salt is about to sail again and explore the seven seas, looking for new booties to find. And aye, some of the crew will dive down Dave Jones’s locker later, so wish us luck. ‘Afore everything else, let me share with ye another dose of app review. This time, […]

Animal Crush Review

On January 23, 2018

Yo, ho, ho, and bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses! It’s me again yer friendly app pirate ready for another exciting booty hunting adventure around the seven seas. ‘Ofcourse me parrot pet is with us. It never leaves me side as it’s me bestfriend. The app that we will talk about for […]

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