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Jango Review

On November 8, 2012

Sailing the high seas with a crew of stinkin’ seadogs can get a wee bit boring, especially when the day lacks the call of a cutlass or the siren song of a mermaid lassie. Not to worry, though. Me trust smartphone is always by me side to bring music to me old ears. Aye and […]

Rat on a Skateboard Review

On November 7, 2012

On the ship we maintain, thar should be only one rat that belongs on the seas. That is my pet Ratty, who we found scurryin’ around in me personal quarters hidden in my duffel. O’ course, other creatures are welcome aboard, as long it can make me smile wider than the great Wall ‘o China, […]

Ice Rage Review

On November 6, 2012

Though me and me crew have seen a large part of the sea and the oceans, I’ve never seen a bear. Aye, that is true me mateys, I have never been so deep up in the north, nor have I been landlocked so far that I found one ‘o these might beasts. Of course, now […]

Gravity Guy Review

On November 5, 2012

Avast! And listen to me short tale me hearties, for I have another one set aside for ye. In the distant future, far from the stirring oceans and the salty sands, there will be tall cities and dark taverns. Whispers will be shared and in quiet tones, they shall talk of resisting the binds of […]

Monster Dash Review

On November 4, 2012

If ye be followin’ I, the App Pirate, then ye must be familiar one of my close acquaintances, Barry Steakfries. While me and me crew lost track of him for a while, we did cross paths once more. Although, he was running as fast as lightnin’ and it seemed that he was chasin’ the demons […]

Pandemic 2.5 Review

On November 3, 2012

As a corsair who has sailed at least SIX of the seven seas, I have seen more than a few poxes that ravage whole ships. It is only by the God Calypso that me and me crew were spared the worst that took upon other ships like treasure seekers to ancient, cursed booty. If sickness […]

Samurai VS Zombie Review

On November 2, 2012

It is time yet again for I, Apps Pirate the corsair extrordinaire, to review another title. Just so we don’t break the streak and invoke the Sea Hag’s curse, I be reviewin’ another zombie title. Avast and settle down me hearties, for I bring a tale not from the seas of Black Beard, nor the […]

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