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Waze Review

On October 7, 2012

Me entire crew look to me where to find loot, ships to sack, and taverns to stop at whenever we sail off on the high seas. Truth be told, I sometimes have no idea where the heck we are headed! I just put on me brave face and yell as loudly as I can.

Spotify Review

On October 6, 2012

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle full of rum! Ahoy there mateys! An App Pirate like me cannot brave the open seas without some sort of entertainment to keep me company, especially since me crew of scallywags is busy keeping the ship sturdy and on the right course! This is why I need music to accompany me […]

Angry Birds Space Review

On October 5, 2012

You land lubbers are a crazy bunch of people. Just like us pirates arrrrr! Who would have thought that throwing birds at pigs would be fun? Well not this jolly pirate of the good ole Jolly Rogers. I do enjoy throwing cannon balls and swords at me enemies. But birds? Barnacles, heck no! But you […]

Touchgrind Review

On October 4, 2012

Ahoy there land lubbers! Sailin’ the high seas in the good ole Jolly Rogers is serious business. Pirates can get hurt and pirates can put the hurt on other people. That is why when bad pirates attack our beloved ship, we beat them so bad and make them walk the plank.

Draw Something Review

On October 3, 2012

Ahoy me fellow buccaneers, it is me, your adorable, swashbucklin’ app pirate bringing a pinch of the app fever to you. Alrighty now, I see people who love to draw and paint pretty queer. As a pirate, I prefer me hobbies to be manlier in nature – wenching, drinking, and sailing. Aye, those are activities […]

Fruit Ninja Review

On October 2, 2012

Ah, now here is a game that me rusty cutlass can really sink its teeth into – Fruit Ninja. Aye, the app pirate loves any game that involves chopping, slicing, and dicing. Ya know what? All this talk about slicing and me cutlass has made me crave for a battle. And, me crew at the […]

Temple Run Review

On October 1, 2012

Avast ye mateys! If you be a seadog like me, be happy because you will never have to pass the time at sea looking at your first mate, which happens to look like a combination of a bilge rat and a toad. Oh, what a sorry sight! No sirreee, passing the time on your ol […]

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