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Samurai VS Zombie Review

On November 2, 2012

It is time yet again for I, Apps Pirate the corsair extrordinaire, to review another title. Just so we don’t break the streak and invoke the Sea Hag’s curse, I be reviewin’ another zombie title. Avast and settle down me hearties, for I bring a tale not from the seas of Black Beard, nor the […]

Judge Dredd Vs Zombies Review

On November 1, 2012

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, it be me, the Apps Pirate ready to haul in yet another bag of booty to share with you. For this review, we must deal with the Law, specifically the man who calls himself “The Law”. Alas great misfortune might befall some of this review’s readers who […]

Punch Quest Review

On October 31, 2012

Well tie me to the mizzenmast and make me dance the Hempen Jig if ye ever call me a hornswaggler! So crack a bottle of Rum and let me tell you about the new bully in town that’s been plundering and looting like a mad dog as of late. This lad has awesome fists i […]

Avast, me hearties, the waves have marooned me once more on land and I be ready to share another review with ye all. But before that, can ye name me one poxy plague that suffers all sea farers and land lubbers alike? If ye had guessed zombies, then yer correct, for they have been a […]

Tiny Legends Review

On October 30, 2012

Arrr, if thar be one thing that remains true on both land and the sea, it is that there are many legends of great men who have stared down great danger, and lived. Aye, many have heard them, spread them through words and preserved them so that they be told again and again.  I remember […]

Unlock Review

On October 29, 2012

Avast ye scurvy dogs, it is time for I, the App Pirate, to lay upon thee another review! If there is one subject close to any sea faring wight’s hearts, it’s the freedom of the ocean air and the wobble of the sailing ship under me feet. How painful it must be then to be […]

BattleHeart Review

On October 28, 2012

Hey buccaneers! Are ye looking for something to tap on while the rooster crows or that beautiful wench of yers gets the cup of coffee ye ordered for from the Starbucks 10 blocks from yer place? Ah, ye cruel seadog, ye. Well, if ye are, then ye might find this cool mobile game a wee […]

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