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Unlock Review

On October 29, 2012

Avast ye scurvy dogs, it is time for I, the App Pirate, to lay upon thee another review! If there is one subject close to any sea faring wight’s hearts, it’s the freedom of the ocean air and the wobble of the sailing ship under me feet. How painful it must be then to be […]

BattleHeart Review

On October 28, 2012

Hey buccaneers! Are ye looking for something to tap on while the rooster crows or that beautiful wench of yers gets the cup of coffee ye ordered for from the Starbucks 10 blocks from yer place? Ah, ye cruel seadog, ye. Well, if ye are, then ye might find this cool mobile game a wee […]

Tiny Wings Review

On October 27, 2012

Hail mateys! Me ship has just sailed the vast seas lookin’ for treasure that would make me tooth shimmer and me lips quiver. While me search for the perfect treasure chest full of doubloons can be compared to what people think of the cook’s barbecued bilge rat dipped in tartar sauce (which is a measly […]

Zombieville Review

On October 26, 2012

Aaarggghhh!!! Don’t ever be spittin’ tales about zombies to me. I have them like them mermaids hate land. So, that should give ye a clear idea about me feelings about the hit app Zombieville USA from MikaMobile. But, since I be a mean pirate that isn’t too queer to shy away from Zombie-killing, let me […]

OMG Pirates Review

On October 25, 2012

Avast ye mateys, the app pirate is back for more mobile game reviews that will make your existing iPhones, iPads, and Android devices beaded with your sweat and tears. Nah, but seriously, this app that I be telling you about is something I consider to be sacrilege, and I will tell you why – because […]

Pocket God Review

On October 24, 2012

Let me ask you a question mateys, if you were Calypso, or any other god for that matter, what would you do? If you asked me that question, I would probably have to go with using me power to get meself a cave full of doubloons. Aye, that is what I want, it’s simple I […]

Angry Birds Review

On October 23, 2012

Well, ahoy there me fellow buccaneers as I am about to show ye fellars the mobile app that made the whole world crazy as Davy Jones’ locker. Aye, I am talking about the game with a bunch of insane birds and a stew’s full of fat pigs. Aye, you guessed it right – Angry Birds. […]

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