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Highway Rider Review

On December 1, 2012

Ahoy Mateys! A pirate like me leads a tough life sailing the seven seas. And when you have hard days of work you must know how to unwind. That is why me and me lads have fun by racing on our small rowboats. You know, it is just like how you land lubbers race around […]

Subway Surfers Review

On November 30, 2012

Blimey! Someone bombed the good old Jolly Rogers! Why would kids paint their name on things they do not own? Vandals! I tell you they are vandals. I have never seen one that I like. Arrrr! Well there a few vandals that I like even just a little. Those young kids in the mobile game […]

Zombie Farm Review

On November 29, 2012

Ahoy land lubbers! You know my loyal mobile game app review readers I am a very brave man. A pirate cannot afford to be a scaredy cat. That is why it is almost impossible to scare me. I have fought a giant kraken, I have had skirmishes with skeletons, I have been face to face […]

Cut the Rope Experiments Review

On November 28, 2012

Blimey mateys! One would think you can never have too much of one thing. That is what me and my crew thought. We thought one adventure with the good old Jolly Rogers was enough to give us our fill of gold. But years later, we are still here sailing the seven seas. Arr! Now that […]

Where’s My Water Review

On November 27, 2012

Greetings me lads and me lass! Yer favorite mobile game app reviewing pirate is back. And I have a new one fer you land lubbers to enjoy. This game was named after a phrase that is very silly for a pirate to say. See, the name of the game is Where’s My Water? Yup, you […]

Catapult King Review

On November 26, 2012

Ahoy, me hearties! Batten down the hatches because we have a new game that you will absolutely go insane from playing. If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it is like to use a catapult and fling stones of all sorts and sizes, here is your chance. Catapult King is a visually-stunning, catapult simulation game […]

Expo Apprentice Review

On November 25, 2012

Land ho! Avast ye! We be approaching land soon ye land lubber. Me ship be docking as this ol’ stinky pirate has been invited to a weaponry expo where all kinds of sharp blades and fat muskets are up fer the takin’, arrr! Good thing I got me trusty smartphone with the newest cool app […]

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