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Shanghai Mahjong Review

On December 11, 2012

The pirate life is indeed a stressful one. Swashbucklin’ adventures here and there, looting treasures from one isle to another and all the constant black spots from other buccaneers take a toll on me mind. Fortunately, I have an app that allows me to work me mind and relax at the same time. Shanghai Mahjong […]

T Chess Pro Review

On December 10, 2012

Shiver me timbers, lads and lassies! I have come across such a fantastic game that I have thrown me chess board over the Atlantic Ocean. What I be talking about is t Chess Pro, one of the latest crazes to hit the portable gaming world. It be a game of smarts, wit and how ye […]

Infinity Blade 2 Review

On December 9, 2012

Infinity Blade II be one o’ those titles that sparked genuine interest in me. Sure, the combat be solid, and the graphics amazing’ but what really captured me interest is the effort poured into that game in telling’ a long revenge story. Aye, I have known more than a few vengeful souls, and their stories […]

Infinity Blade Review

On December 8, 2012

One thing that makes me fear for me life is the risk that I might finally meet the pirates of old. The ones whose legends maintain until today and who roam the seas as hidden myths. Aye, they exist with each crash of the wave and gale of the storm, they be there, all but […]

Hambo Review

On December 7, 2012

Winds be true and storms be still, the only blessing we pirates have is that those two fall in line when we travel from place to place. O’ course, the blessing’ of good food be another prayer we chant at night because thar be too few places we dock at, and often we run outta […]

Monopoly Review

On December 6, 2012

Arggh, I remember as a child, I used to play this little game with me and me brothers. We would play for hours on end, trying to get ahead of each other in the attempt to become the best industrialist. Aye, those were the days when monopoly would rule our lives, and we’d gladly follow […]

MP3 Chopper Review

On December 5, 2012

Arrggghhh! Thar goes me phone again, ringin’ to the tune of wimpy little Justin Beiber again. I be tellin’ me daughter to change me ringtone fer the longest time now. Arrrggghhh! I call on Calypso to smite me phone. This ol’ stinkin’ pirate needs some kind of ringtone editor app. I hope that this new […]

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