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The Fatify Review

On November 13, 2012

‘Tis me once more me hearties, the App Pirate, bringing ye somethin’ new to ponder upon so that ye may make the best use out of yer iPhone. O’ course, there be plenty o’ ways ye can make yer iPhone better, and thar be those that ain’t even just games. Aye, that is right, tons […]

Dragon Story Review

On November 12, 2012

Arr, if thar be only one thing me and me crew fear with much prejudice, it be the sea leviathan. O’ course, one cannot disregard the unholy zombie threat, but when those shambling monsters are on land the leviathan would stalk us on the sea. The creature, wherever it may have spawned, towers high above […]

Palringo Review

On November 11, 2012

Ahoy there buccaneers! This old seadog has been up and about for a few months now, sailin’ the vast ocean looking for the map to the fabled fountain of youth. Well, if ye look closely at me mug, ye will see that I be needin’ a good tick tock back to me old days – […]

eBuddy Review

On November 10, 2012

Aaarggghhh!!! Me mobile bill is off the charts. Another trinket of gold and a couple of doubloons down the drain just so I can tell me babe that I miss her when I be out to sea. Blackbeard once telled me that I should be installing this crazy IM app called eBuddy. According to the […]

Fring Review

On November 9, 2012

Ho, ho, ho, buckos! The app pirate is back for some pirate-tastic reviews. Aye, when I be slackin’ off of the good ol’ Jolly Rogers, I be back at home testing apps and writing reviews. For this review, though, I didn’t have to test any app out since I be using Fring day and night […]

Jango Review

On November 8, 2012

Sailing the high seas with a crew of stinkin’ seadogs can get a wee bit boring, especially when the day lacks the call of a cutlass or the siren song of a mermaid lassie. Not to worry, though. Me trust smartphone is always by me side to bring music to me old ears. Aye and […]

Rat on a Skateboard Review

On November 7, 2012

On the ship we maintain, thar should be only one rat that belongs on the seas. That is my pet Ratty, who we found scurryin’ around in me personal quarters hidden in my duffel. O’ course, other creatures are welcome aboard, as long it can make me smile wider than the great Wall ‘o China, […]

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