Ahoy Thar Buccos!

Before we set sail,  we want to stress that doesn’t promote Mobile Piracy in any way, shape or form. Let’s leave piracy to the real Pirates.

The name AppsPirate was chosen simply because we simply like it, and out of our desire to use Pirate lingo to stir excitement and add humor in our reviews and articles. Please do not take the domain name as a promoter of piracy , it is just a name.

We oppose to iPhone and Android piracy. As an old experienced Seadog like I would say, Piracy? Absolutely not! Not for all the tea in China. Not for all the rum in me ship’s belly! Not for all the fine Grog in the ocean. You get my point i reckon, Savvy?

We are aware of the hard work App developers go through to create apps, and we oppose to illegal downloads. We believe Developers should get credited for their efforts and for their contribution to the Smartphone community. If we be catching any App or service promoting piracy, we’ll make it walk the plank! is merely a domain name, we don’t support or cooperate with Android or iOS piracy!