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Pocket God Review

On October 24, 2012

Let me ask you a question mateys, if you were Calypso, or any other god for that matter, what would you do? If you asked me that question, I would probably have to go with using me power to get meself a cave full of doubloons. Aye, that is what I want, it’s simple I […]

Angry Birds Review

On October 23, 2012

Well, ahoy there me fellow buccaneers as I am about to show ye fellars the mobile app that made the whole world crazy as Davy Jones’ locker. Aye, I am talking about the game with a bunch of insane birds and a stew’s full of fat pigs. Aye, you guessed it right – Angry Birds. […]

Doodle Jump Review

On October 22, 2012

Ahoy there me buckos, you caught me unawares there for a minute as me mind was wanderin’ the past, to a time before all those smartphones and tablets we all enjoy. It was a simpler time at sea – me crew engaged in swordplay whenever the open seas were as wide as the eye can […]

Kick the Boss Review

On October 21, 2012

Greeting me lads and me lass! This is yer favorite app reviewing pirate speaking. You know app reviewing and sailing the high seas can sound all fine and dandy but there are some things that can put a pirate a bit uneasy. Take this tale for example. The good ole Jolly Rogers is the place […]

Piperoll Review

On October 20, 2012

Ahoy there! Greetings me favorite land lubbers. It has been a while. I have been busy. Actually, me and me lads have been working on a secret project. Arrr darn it! We were out the whole week working on our pipes. You got that right. We dropped the anchor and went to me home. Me […]

Minecraft Review

On October 19, 2012

The seven seas are filled with loots to behold and fall in love with. But arrr mateys! We pirates of the good ole Jolly Rogers love to make the nice looking loot and whatever we set our eyes on as ours. Alas as a child, me pirate mom told me if you cannot make it, […]

Angry Birds Seasons Review

On October 18, 2012

Ahoy mateys. Alas, there has been a situation at the good ole Jolly Rogers. I have just lost me favorite parrot, Squawk. You see mate, I have new lads working for me. They are a bit fresh from the port of me hometown. I like my pirate trainees witless but full of heart lads. But […]

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