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Shazam Review

On November 21, 2012

Ahoy, me fellow pirates! I, your adorable App Pirate is back to give ye the lowdown on today’s hottest apps. When I set sail, I often love to sing songs about the ocean and the man-o-wars we use for battle. Every once in a while, someone sings a song and I cannot figure out for […]

Instagram Review

On November 20, 2012

Perhaps one of the most significant and popular apps to ever hit the mainstream world, Instagram surely has taken over social media by storm. Whenever I be sailing on me ship, I make sure I take a few photos here and there for me scrapbook. Yes, I have a scrapbook! Pirates have guilty pleasures too, […]

Hipstamatic Review

On November 19, 2012

Ahoy there, mateys! Raise the jolly roger for we have another app that all you hipsters will surely love. Aye, with today’s technology and gadgets for photo taking, gone are the days where classic pictures with very low-fi effects are seen. I still remember a time when me camera used film to take pictures and […]

AgingBooth Review

On November 18, 2012

Shiver me timbers, time goes by so fast that me face isn’t what it used to be a decade ago. On the other hand, I still believe that me face still looks young for an App Pirate. Aye, there is no guarantee that danger isn’t present whenever we go off on adventures and looting, so […]

Scramble With Friends Review

On November 17, 2012

Avast thar, ye privateers! It is I, the death-defying App Pirate, back once again to give you the latest in gaming apps. Today, we have a game that will make you develop your vocabulary and at the same time, make you interact with your friends a lot.  Hopping from island to island and looting booty […]

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox Review

On November 16, 2012

As a pirate, me choice in life was me own, but during the early days I was to be a scholar like me mother did try to teach me. Aye, I knew many stories, maps, arithmetic, and a range of different things that I needed to learn to become that thing me dear old momma […]

The Zombie Takeover Review

On November 15, 2012

The plight is back! Oh how I rage at the sky and Poseidon himself when he strikes again with such righteous yet cruel rage. Often me thinks he cleans the world of what he doesn’t like, and so he lets loose a new plague o’ zombies to fight. Aye, it is endless, but if me […]

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