Baby Bella Caring Review

On May 16, 2024

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! We just got back in the good old Jolly Roger, ready to sail the seven seas. We had an enjoyable few days vacation with our landlubber friends. It’s been a while since we last saw them, and would you believe a couple of them already have kids! Aye, it was the first time we met their little ones, and boy they were adorable. I wasn’t a pro in taking care of youngsters, but it wasn’t that bad. I think I did a good job for a first-timer. But I guess I need more practice, so I’ll be better when we meet them again. Simulation games might help like the one we have for review. Batten down the hatches and let me tell ye more about the app called Baby Bella Caring by Winkypinky.

It appeals more for younger audience

Baby Bella Caring Review

Although this is a child caring simulation game, it’s more geared toward younger children because of the simplicity of the gameplay. Adults may find it boring as there’s not much to do besides what the guide tells you. You’re not that free to explore and play around the objects in the house. However, young players can follow the instructions easily and enjoy playing, while learning about caring for babies. 

It’s free but with many ads

Baby Bella Caring App

This is a free game, and as you would expect, there are advertisements. But there are many advertisements that pop-up while playing the game, which can affect the game experience. You need to wait for the ads to finish before you can continue with the game. If the little kids are playing, they might get frustrated not being able to play continuously because of the numerous ads. 

It has fun artwork 

Children and even adults who love pretty artwork would find the drawing in this game adorable. It’s set in a house that looks more like a doll house than a real one. It’s divided into different rooms like the bedroom and bathroom. You can also see the outdoors, including the fence, the grasses and trees outside and the playground and flowers in front of the house. 

There are mini games

There are currently four mini games that you can play in between the actual simulation of caring for the baby. They also have simple gameplays, so young and adults could play them. Since they are not that challenging for older individuals, you could find them boring after some time. 

Thumbs up

This game is free and it has adorable graphics. It also has mini games, and it has easy gameplay for younger players. 

Thumbs down

It has many advertisements, and it may not appeal to older players. 

The verdict

If you have children or you are an adult who is into child caring simulation, we recommend giving Baby Bella Caring a try. It’s free and you will have fun caring for the baby with all the adorable artwork you’ll see in the game. There are also mini games that you can play beside the actual simulation. 

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