Bejeweled Review

On September 28, 2012

Blimey me lads yer favorite pirate is back with more apps to review. You know land lubbers it can be so boring up here in the Jolly Rogers. But we find ways to have fun. Me lads sing songs of the seas to pass the time. But our favorite past time is making things walk the plank. We have made a crew mate walk, a cabinet, a pillow, a bed sheet, a chicken, a guppy and even a rat. Arrrr! It can get really boring. It is a good thing that we can play with our jewels in our mobile device. The mobile game app Bejeweled is a fun way to kill time. Here take a look this is a review for mobile game app Bejeweled.

Loot to Boot

As a pirate, we live to get loot no matter where you can find them. When we see sparkling gems, our eyes twinkle like diamonds held up against the light. Arrr! This mobile game app is a true gem for us stuck at the seas with lots of time to kill. I would like to give a hearty pirate salute to PopCap for making such a very addicting puzzle game. It is a shame not to have this mobile game app in your mobile device.

Loot on the High Seas

A game so good must not be confined to one platform alone. It might be absurd to hear a pirate talk about sharing. But we did know a thing or two about dividing booty. But this pirate hands out another hearty pirate salute to PopCap for adapting this game in so many platforms. Bejeweled has a PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Nintendo DS and many more versions. This way, more people can enjoy the fun.

Playing with Gems

Why is this mobile game app addictive? Here is a simple refresher on why we me and the crew loves Bejeweled. It is a game entry by PopCap into the puzzle genre. The purpose of the game is to clear the board of jewels. And how do you do it? By switching gems, the like-colored ones will be popped out of the screen. The faster you are at it, the better you will be at the mobile game app. It may seem easy on the surface but the challenge comes in matching as quick as you can.

Colors, Colors and More Colors

The mobile game app Bejeweled is like an opened treasure chest. If yer a pirate, you would know what I mean. But yer no pirate. So let me paint it fer ya land lubber. The game board is a mix of shining azure blues, crimson reds, emerald greens, and glaring yellow. Ah, the thought of these colors alone make me and my crew weep. Such sweet, sweet treasures. Ah, but moving on. The gems are bright and colorful. It is such a visual delight to look at the game. And the visuals add to the challenge. It is tempting to just look at the shimmering gems. But if you do that, the game will beat you. So enjoy and play with the right pace so you will not lose. Oh colors, lovely colored gems. Arrr I am a happy pirate.

Game Modes

The mobile game app, Bejeweled can be played in two fun ways. The first one is the Zen mode. You see matey, the game is very nice to look at. You can remove the stress of fixing the puzzle and just take yer time looking and playing. This is what the Zen mode is all about. The Diamond mode adds a layer of challenge to the game literally. The bottom of the board is filled with dirt that you must clear. And you can clear the soil by swapping and matching the gems right next to it.

The game is a gem, no pun intended. It should be your part of your gem collection.

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