Blitz Busters Review

On June 20, 2024

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! It’s me again, yer favorite app pirate and I’m ready to take ye on another journey around the seven seas. Searching for things is what me and the crew are good at. We built that skill through the years that we’ve been booty hunting. We encountered all kinds of places and terrains, and we were successful even in the most challenging ones. Our eyes can see even the tiniest clues that could lead us to the treasures, and our bodies are quick and strong to face any situation. Besides doing this as a routine, I would say the match games we play also help develop our attention to details and speed, which are vital in what we do. I’ll share with ye are view of the app called Blitz Busters by Spyke Games, which is one of those games.

It’s free with minimal ads at first

Blitz Busters Review

This is a game that you can download for free. After the download, you can also play hundreds of levels without internet connection. You can efficiently put it down and pick it up anytime, anywhere even while offline. This makes it an excellent game to kill time as you can bring it with you wherever you go. Advertisements are not a problem on the first one hundred levels as they are only minimal. But once you get past those levels, the ads become more frequent, so you have to endure multiple advertisements in every level. 

There are various objects and towns to unlock

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This is a match 3 game, so you’ll be matching various objects, and there are many that you can unlock as you progress in the game, ranging from foods to toys. The images are in 3D and they are high quality. They are also colorful and they have the right size, making them easier to see on the gameboard. You will also unlock different towns as you progress, and you get to decorate them, although you just click the hammers and don’t really have different options on the decorations. 

Higher levels get more challenging

The difficulty level increases as the game level increases. There’s limited time to complete the levels, which make it challenging. However, the higher levels are hard to beat, requiring you to use boosters. The boosters are expensive, which is also a challenge.  

Thumbs up

This game is free to download and you can also play it offline. There are hundreds of levels with high quality graphics. It’s challenging and there are different objects and towns to unlock. 

Thumbs down

The higher levels are hard to complete without using boosters. However, the boosters are expensive. 

The verdict

We recommend Blitz Busters for those who are looking for a match 3 game that they can bring anywhere. It’s free and you can play it offline, so you can keep playing even without an internet connection. It also has top quality graphics and it’s challenging. 

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