Bricks Breaker Quest Review

On March 12, 2024

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Yer favorite app pirate is here again and I can’t wait to take ye on another journey around the seven seas! We’re not the only pirates in the ocean though. Ye know us as the friendly pirates, but there are others out there who are not as nice as we are. So, we sometimes go to battle with them, and good thing we have precision and skills, so we always win. Har, har, har! That’s thanks to our constant practice. We never let our guards down and we don’t become complacent no matter what. We’re always training, but of course, we also don’t forget to play. Even in games, there are those that help improve our precision, and that includes the game called Bricks Breaker Quest by Mobirix. Avast ye and let me share a review of this app.

It has the classic gameplay of bubble shooter with a twist

Bricks Breaker Quest Review

It’s similar to the gameplay of the classic game bubble shooter, but instead of shooting bubbles, you have balls that you shoot to hit the bricks on the gameboard. But if you have played the said game before, you will be instantly familiar with how it’s played. It tests your precision as you calculate the trajectory to hit as many bricks as you can and eventually remove them from the game window to clear the level. 

It’s free and you can play it offline

Bricks Breaker Quest App

It’s free to download and play the game. There are in-app purchases, but they are optional. You won’t have any problem progressing with the game without spending real cash. You can also play it offline, which is convenient, especially when traveling and you’re out of data. It also has multi-play mode. However, there are 30 second ads that show after every level or when you need to replay a level. That’s a long time to wait, especially since they appear often. 

It has simple graphics

The graphics are not too extravagant, but more on the simple side. There are different colors of bricks on the game window, and they look like they glow. The background color is black, which makes you see the balls and bricks properly. 

It has thousands of levels with varying difficulties

As of this writing, there are thousands of levels available to play. The difficulty level varies. It begins with simple ones, letting you easily pass them, and get yourself accustomed to the game. The levels become more challenging as there are more bricks to break, and their positions also vary. 

Thumbs up

This game is  simple and it has the classic gameplay of the popular bubble shooter game but with a twist. It’s free and you can also play it offline. There are thousands of levels to play that come in varying difficulties. 

Thumbs down

The ads are long and they appear after every level and when you replay levels. 

The verdict

If you are into classic bubble shooter games or you are looking for a game you can take with you anywhere and keep you entertained, try Bricks Breaker Quest. It’s free to download and there are thousands of levels to challenge you and keep you occupied. 

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