Cat Room – Cute Cat Games Review

On July 2, 2024

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! This bucko had always been an animal lover since I was a little lad. Aye, I know I shared it with ye plenty of times, but I never get tired of sharing it because it takes me back to those fun moments. The years I spent with me pets are some of the most memorable and happiest. But don’t get me wrong. Of course, me love me parrot pet, which is the only pet I have right now. It’s just that I also tend to miss me old pets once in a while. Don’t let me parrot know about it because it’s a jealous one. Har, har, har! If you love animals like me, keep reading as I share this review of an app called Cat Room – Cute Cat Games by Cross Field Inc.

It’s a combination of different games

Cat Room Review

This app is like a mix of different games in one. You can enjoy playing all of them without having to install several apps, which is convenient, and also saves space in your device. It’s a combination of a pet simulator, match 3 puzzle game, and home decoration game. If you are a fan of these game genres, this is a jackpot as it offers all. 

It’s free with minimal advertisements

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You can download this game without spending anything. It comes with an in-app purchase, but it’s not mandatory to use it. It’s entirely up to you if you want to spend real money in the game as you can keep playing for free. There are also advertisements, but they are mostly short. So, they are acceptable and not frustrating, especially considering that the game is free. 

It has cute artwork and fun music

The artwork is adorable. You will love the cute images, which include the different types of cats you can collect, and the items to decorate the room. The background music is just right. You can turn it on, and enjoy listening to it without losing your focus. There are also animations and sound effects that level up the game experience. 

The higher levels can get very challenging

The match 3 puzzle games also help you earn coins that you can use for purchases and upgrades. It starts easy, but the higher levels get very challenging. So, you may find yourself losing lives, thus you have to wait for the lives to regenerate, which could take time. It can be a positive thing for you if you are into extreme challenges. 

The ups

This app is a combination of different game genres so you will not easily get bored. It has adorable artwork, and fun background music, sound effects, and special effects. It’s free and the advertisements are non-intrusive. 

The downs

The higher levels can get extremely difficult, and the lives take time to regenerate. 

The verdict

We recommend Cat Room – Cute Cat Games for those looking for a free and fun game that will not get you bored easily. It’s a mix of pet simulator, match 3 puzzle, and home decoration in one. The images are adorable and the music is fun. 

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