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On March 22, 2024

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Our crew and the buckos from other ships had a fun event. Since we are not just good at booty hunting, we buccaneers are also excellent in cooking, as we prepare foods by ourselves; we thought of selling foods and everyone was welcome to participate. Since we were in the sea, instead of food trucks, we had what we called food boats instead. Har, har, har. We all enjoyed it, and it was great to try the various foods the other pirates sold. Of course, ours was also a crowd favorite, and it was sold out in no time. I’ve also dreamed of owning a food truck before since I loved cooking. Since I decided to live a life in the ocean, the closest I could get to running a food truck is through the games I play like Cooking Truck – Food Truck by CSCMobi Studios. Let me tell ye more about it in this app review.

The artwork is pretty and you can see the details properly

Cooking Truck Review

From the game map to the actual food trucks and the foods served, everything looks stunning with their pretty images and vibrant colors. The game map shows the different food trucks that you can unlock throughout the game. Only the breakfast truck is accessible and has colors at first, and the other trucks are grayed out as they are yet to be unlocked. They get their colors as you unlock them. Even the environment in the map looks appealing with the green plants and waters in the sea, giving a refreshing vibe. The game is in first-person view, so you can see everything in the truck properly, as if you are really there preparing the dishes and serving the customers. 

It’s free, fun and challenging

Cooking Truck App

This is a free game that comes with in-app purchases. It’s fun and challenging at the same time. If you love the classic cooking and time-management games, you will enjoy this as it as that classic gameplay. There’s a goal you need to achieve per level, so you need to be fast in serving customers the right orders while avoiding food waste. 

There are many ads and some levels are harder to beat

Like many free games today, this too has ads. Unfortunately, it can be too much to others as there’s one that pops up after every level. The higher levels also get harder and they can get frustrating. It could be difficult to pass them without using boosters. However, the coins you earn are not enough, so you end up playing the levels several times to earn more and make some upgrades. 

The ups

This game is free and it has the basic gameplay of cooking and time management games that people know. It’s fun and challenging, and it has stunning images. 

The downs

Some of the levels are frustrating as they feel impossible to pass without using boosters. You don’t earn many coins, and there are ads after every level. 

The verdict

Although this game has its downsides like the ads and frustratingly hard levels, it’s still worth checking, especially if you love cooking and time-management games. It’s free and you will enjoy the pretty images with various themed trucks. 

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