Cooking Wonder: Cooking Games Review

On February 3, 2024

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Ye already know by now that this old salt loves cooking, as much as I love booty hunting. I love learning new recipes from all over the world, and I even invent new ones on my own. Well, they don’t always turn out good, but there are those that are a success! Whenever I have free time, I often watch cooking tutorials, and read recipe books to learn more, and I put it to good use. Every time there’s an event or special occasion here on the ship, the crew relies on me to whip up something yummy and I never disappoint. My love for cooking extends to games, as I also love cooking games like the one we have for review. So, batten down the hatches as we get to know more about the game called Cooking Wonder: Cooking Games by WonderLegend Games.

It’s the complete package

Cooking Wonder Review

This is an incredible game because it combines various game genres in one app. It’s not just about cooking, although it’s the main subject of the game. There’s also a story that you can follow, which you will be immersed in because you also get to decide what the character will do in various situations, and this determines how it goes. It’s also part dress up and decorating game, as you get to change the look of your character and dress it up. You also get to decorate your home. The choices for decorating the home are only limited to three, which would be better if there are more. You can also get a pet, and care for it. 

It’s free, fun and challenging

Cooking Wonder App

The game is free to download and play, and it comes with in-app purchase. You can keep playing without spending real money, although as expected, it would take more work and time. It’s fun and enjoyable because there are different things that you can do, from cooking to decorating. And as mentioned, you get to follow a story and see it unfold as you progress in the game. It’s also challenging, especially the timed levels where you need to reach your goals within a specific period. Moreover, some of the upgrades and items are expensive, so you need to wait and keep earning to purchase them. 

The graphics are amazing

This game has superb graphics. Watching the story from the beginning, makes you feel like you’re watching a film animation. The images are high quality and they are attractive. The developers did a great job because of all the details and how amazing it turned out. 

The good

This game has so much to offer as it’s a combination of cooking, story, makeover, and decorating game. It has incredibly gorgeous graphics. It’s free, fun to play and also challenging. 

The bad

There are limited options when decorating. Some of the items and upgrades can also be expensive. 

The verdict

We highly recommend Cooking Wonder: Cooking Games as it’s a game that has a lot to offer. It’s a combination of various game genres, including cooking, decorating, makeover, and story. It’s free to download, there’s so much to explore, and do, and it’s a lot of fun. 

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