Design My Home: Makeover Games Review

On September 17, 2022

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses! It’s me again, yer favorite app pirate ready to explore the seven seas for another great booty hunting journey. This bucko was in the mood for a makeover. So, me cleaned and organized me room, and I was happy with the outcome. The crew saw it, and they decided to have a room makeover too. Of course, me helped them with it as I had many bright ideas for decorating rooms. Me asked what they wanted to achieve, and everyone was happy with how it turned out. Besides me natural interest in decorating and organizing, some design and home makeover apps also helped me develop me skills and get more fantastic ideas like the one that I will share with ye hearties. So listen up, and let’s the review of this app called Design My Home: Makeover Games by Holy Cow Studio.

Outstanding graphics

Design My Home Makeover Games Review

Graphics is important in a makeover game because you are dealing with designs and decors. If the images are not attractive, it wouldn’t be fun to do the makeover. The good news about this app is that it as eye-catching graphics. You will not be disappointed because the pictures will satisfy you. They are not that realistic, but images are clean with vibrant colors. There are also different options to choose from when it comes to the design of each items in the room that you will be working on. However, they are only limited to three. Although the options are limited, it’s still not that bad because the choices are great.

It’s a mix of home makeover and word games

Design My Home Makeover Games App

It is a combination of home makeover and word games. If you are into these two games, you will this because you get both in one app. You need to complete various levels of the word games to earn coins, which you can then use for purchasing items in decorating rooms. The levels get more challenging as they go higher, and the items get more expensive, so it can be hard to complete designing the rooms in other levels. It may take time before you can collect the coins you need to complete the makeover.

It’s free and enjoyable

You can download and play the game for free. It’s also enjoyable, especially if you love word games and home décor games, because as mentioned, you can have these two games in one app. You get to test your knowledge in creating words out of the letters provided, and you get to explore your decorating skills as you decorate or design an empty room.

The ups

This app is free, and it has superb graphics. It’s a mix of home makeover and word games, so you have to genres in one app. It’s also enjoyable, so you will have fun playing the game.

The downs

The levels get more difficult, and the items get more expensive, making it challenging to complete the makeovers on higher levels.

The verdict

Design My Home: Makeover Games is highly decorated, especially if you are into makeover and word games as this app has these two genres. It’s free, fun, and it has superb graphics. You may need more patience on the higher levels as they are more difficult to finish, and the prices of the items are high, so you need to collect more coins.

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