Draw Something Review

On October 3, 2012

Ahoy me fellow buccaneers, it is me, your adorable, swashbucklin’ app pirate bringing a pinch of the app fever to you. Alrighty now, I see people who love to draw and paint pretty queer. As a pirate, I prefer me hobbies to be manlier in nature – wenching, drinking, and sailing. Aye, those are activities for a man – a real man. So, this app that many other buccaneers think is a gift from Calypso herself is what I would call fruity. Nevertheless, since Draw Something is somewhat popular nowadays, let me give it a run over.

Let’s Draw Something

Draw Something is an app that has gone the rounds on social media in the last few months. It was and still is a hit app that millions and millions of users play worldwide. It was so big that Zynga bought out the developers of the app, OMGPOP, a few months back for a jaw dropping $200 million.  If you ask me, the name of the app should be changed to “Cha-Ching”.

Draw Something is an iOS device app that is also a game. While it is a modern drawing app at its core, the app emulates popular drawing games like Words with Friends and Pictionary. In fact, the mixture of the two would be the best description for this app. Well, add to that the ability to share the drawings seamlessly, and you are spot on.

Free or Paid?

Draw Something has two versions – the free one and the paid one. I would recommend springing for the paid version, which only costs a dollar, and here is why. For starters, the free version, while it does pretty much give you the game full on, stings you with limitations on paint palette variety and with the numerous ads. With the paid version, the limitations are lifted, allowing you to sketch and color with extreme creativity and imagination. Additionally, with the paid version, all the ads are gone.

Game On

The fun on Draw Something really begins when you find an opponent to play with. As mentioned above, you can find people to play with on Facebook, from your phonebook, and from the app itself. As soon as you are paired up, you will be required to choose a word for the picture. When that is done, you will be asked to draw the picture. As soon as you are done, the picture will be shared to the opponent a set of scrambled letters. The opponent will then be asked to deduce the word from those clues. If he answers correctly, he wins a few coins, and gets the next turn, of course.

Now, the coins collected have a purpose. It is used to unlock paint sets and palettes, in addition to the default colors you already have in your account. You can use these new sets and palettes to liven up your drawings. The coins can also be used to purchase bombs, which you can activate if you don’t like the words you are given to draw.

Fatal Flaws

While the app itself has no bugs or flaws, the actual gameplay has some holes in it, pretty much because many people tend to abuse those holes. For instance, you may encounter random opponents that will write the word to guess as the picture giving you the correct answer in the process. This is done so that you can collect as much coins as you want to unlock additional paint sets. Obviously, that opponent will want you to do the same. Now, this isn’t the fault of the app. However, it would be nice if the developers would do something about this hole.

The Verdict

Draw Something is an app you should always have installed on your device simply because it is something that people will fall back into when bored. In the coming months, expect all the hype about the app to die down. But, one thing is for sure, if you find are bored with a friend, you just might give the game another whirl.

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