English Guess the Phrase Review

On November 17, 2016

Ahoy there me mateys! Here’s yer favorite apps pirate back from another adventure from the seven seas. Booty hunting was again a success. Me and the crew got loads o’ pearls, golds and other treasures, and we enjoying it. These buccaneers are having a blast at the good old jolly roger partying and drinking rum. ‘Afore this old salt join them, ‘course I wouldn’t forget me dose of app review for ye lads and lasses. The app that’s up for review is a word game called English Guess the Phrase by JL Soft. Avast ye and let’s begin!

Plain User Interface


The interface is very basic. You have your main menu on the main screen where you can choose to play, change your options, or read about some information about the game. Options give you the choice to select the difficulty level and turn sound on or off, as well as check your stats. The background color is brown and that’s pretty much the same color you will get throughout the game.

While the graphics doesn’t really affect the main purpose of the game, which is to solve proverbs and idioms, it would have been so much better if there’s a pop of color on the background or perhaps some nice images that could add up life to the game. It would probably make you enjoy the game more if you’re seeing varying nice backgrounds.

It’s Educational and Sharpens Your Brain


The basic gameplay is that you will be given idioms and proverbs with missing letters. Determine what letters are missing to provide the right proverb or idiom and move to the next puzzle. It will test your knowledge when it comes to proverbs and idioms, and you will be thinking hard on some of the word puzzles, which will exercise and sharpen your brain. Depending on your familiarity with proverbs and idioms, it could be piece of cake or it could be very difficult for you.

It’s a Great Time Killer

As of this writing, this app has more than 1500 word puzzles for you to solve. If you’re not doing something, you’re on a break or waiting for your turn at something like a doctor’s appointment, this is a fantastic way to pass time. Since it’s challenging, you would find yourself wanting to play more and improve your stats.

It Has Some Minor Issues

There are some minor technical issues on the app, which according to the developers, they have fixed with the latest update. One of them is the stats option does not always show accurate statistics. There are instances that the sound controls do not work too.

Thumbs Up

This free to play game is educational and it’s a great way to kill time, while sharpening your brains. It has a basic interface that’s easy to navigate.

Thumbs Down

It’s only available for Android and there are minor technical issues that you may experience.

The Verdict

If you love games that are educational and sharpen your brain, English Guess the Phrase is a great app to try. It might have a few technical issues, but still, the main gameplay isn’t really affected so you’ll get to enjoy playing without issues.

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