Farm Paradise: Hay Island Bay Review

On October 10, 2016

Avast ye me hearties. It’s me, yer favorite app pirate here for another dose of app review ‘afore me and the crew go sailing. Ye see when I was a little lad, me and me family once lived in a farm and oh it was lovely. The air was fresh and so were the foods as we raised the animals and grew the plants ourselves. The app that I will be reviewing for today reminded me of those good ole days ‘afore me became a pirate. It’s called Farm Paradise: Hay Island Bay by Foranj. Batten down the hatches me mateys as we begin the review.

It’s a Combination of Familiar Games


Farm Paradise: Hay Island Bay is basically a combination of farming and building game that you may already be familiar with. If you have played the famous Facebook game Farmville before and island building games like Paradise Island, it’s like those two games put together. If you are a fan of the said games or similar games, then you would probably like this one. The gameplay works the same as those under the same category. You need to plant crops so you could sell them and earn. Use the money to build various structures or purchase different items that would help you plant more, create more products and sell more. You could also use the money to make your island more beautiful.

Fantastic Graphics


Like most game apps today, this one is also made with 3D graphics. Considering it’s a free game, the developers didn’t fall short when it comes to graphics of the game. Every detail was done well, from the crops, trees and plants to the people, waters, animals and the entire surroundings. It’s refreshing in the eyes because the color that you would mostly see is green, just like a real island paradise.

A Lot of Content to Unlock

There are several items to unlock that are only available when you reach certain level. Plus, they are also available at a certain cost and many of those that can be unlocked at the latter part of the game can be expensive so you need to earn more. Processes like growing the crops take time. If you don’t have problem waiting, then that would fine as you could just get back to it once they are available for harvest. However, if you’re not a patient person, you may end up using gems, which is the premium currency of the game.

The Pros

This free game is something that you could continue playing for a long time. It has fantastic graphics that are eye catching and there’s so much content to unlock that would keep you playing.

The Cons

It could take time to collect the money that you need to purchase more items since the earnings from the crops are not that much. Other processes also take too long to finish, which can be frustrating.

The Verdict

If you’re not a very patient person, you might become frustrated at the long wait. However, if you’re after a game that you could check out each day for a short time, leave and check again at a later time or the following day, this is something that might interest you.

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