Fast Food Stand – Fried Foods Review

On May 28, 2022

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Ahoy there me hearties! Yer favorite app pirate is ready to explore the seven seas with the crew. I remember back then before I became a pirate and sailed in the good old Jolly Roger, I always went to fun fairs, played games, tried some rides, and of course, ate foods. There were plenty of food stands, so there were so many things to try. The game that I will share with ye reminded of those food stands I often went to. So, batten down the hatches and let’s the review of this app called Fast Food Stand – Fried Foods by Junior Games Studio.

It’s free with cute graphics

Fast Food Stand Review

This app is available to be downloaded for free. If you are into playing games without spending real money, this is one of your options. It has cute graphics that is an eye-candy. It is set on a street, with colorful food stands that you can choose from. As of this writing, there are only four food stands, which are stands for hotdogs, onion rings, French fries, and chicken wings. There are buildings, and chairs and umbrellas. When you choose one of the stands, you will be taken to the kitchen where you will prepare the foods. It feels limited since those are the only options. So, it will repetitive within a short period, as you can try all of them in no time.

It’s easy to play

Fast Food Stand App

If you don’t want a game that is too difficult and you are just looking to pass time, it’s one that you can try since it’s easy to play. It just requires tapping on the ingredients, and choosing options. However, if you want something that is challenging, it would not satisfy you because it’s not difficult to play.

It’s more for kids

Although it’s a game that people of all ages can play, it seems that it’s more directed to younger players. As mentioned, it doesn’t have much challenge, so kids would enjoy it more because of its simplicity and cute graphics.

There are plenty of ads

Although it’s free, you have to watch ads, which can be intrusive, especially when in the middle of playing the game.

The pros

This app is free to download and play, so you don’t have to spend real money. It has a simple gameplay that is easy to learn, and it has adorable graphics.

The cons

It’s not challenging, there are only limited options. It also has plenty of ads that pop-up while playing the game.

The verdict

Fast Food Stand – Fried Foods is a game that you may want to try if you are into simple cooking games. It’s free and it has adorable graphics. However, it’s not that challenging, and it has limited options. So, if you are looking for a more difficult game with many options for cooking, it will disappoint you. It’s more for children, and players who are not really into challenge but play to pass time.

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