Fidget Spinner Review

On June 4, 2017

Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Me a little bit tipsy from all the drinking me and the crew had last night. But don’t fret me lads and lasses, this bucko can still share an app review with ye. Of course, I wouldn’t forget that no matter what. The app that I will share with ye today is based on a hit toy. Aye, even if me old and always sailing on the sea, me always updated on the latest with everything. Ye hearties probably heard about or maybe earn a fidget spinner, aye? The app in our review is called Fidget Spinner by Words Mobile. Batten down the hatches as we start the review.

Works Like the Toy

Fidget Spinner App

Fidget spinners are toys that are a hit today. They are said to relieve stress. You probably have seen one before. This app that has the same name as the toy works exactly like the latter, except of course it’s an app. It simulates how the toy works, spinning until you stop moving it or it stops moving after one spin. It’s free to download, although it comes with in-app purchases that will let you quickly unlock items or purchase upgrades.

Various Modes Available

As mentioned, it’s based on the real fidget spinner toy so they work almost the same. Instead of spinning the real toy, you will be swiping on your device to make the spinner on the app turn. Although this is just a repetitive game, the different game modes available add variety. There’s the timed spin, free spin, and toss mode. The toss mode is something that is not played on the real toy since this is about trying to tap on the tossed fidget spinner.

Different Designs

Fidget Spinner Game

It’s not only the real fidget spinner toys that have varying designs, as the app also offers that. There are different colors and designs to choose from. They also have areas that you can upgrade using the coins that you collect. The background of the screen is black, which is why the glow in the dark spinner looks more prominent.

The Good

The Fidget Spinner app is free to download. It has different spinner designs that make the game more enjoyable. It also has different modes that add variety to the game. It simulates the real toy and it gives you the same feel.

The Bad

Like most free apps, Fidget Spinner also comes with advertisements, which can be annoying. While there are various modes, it can be repetitive and can get boring in the long run.

The Verdict

The Fidget Spinner is an app that you may want to try if you are interested about playing the real spinner toy. You don’t have to spend any money for the download. Adults may find it as a good time waster especially when there’s nothing to do. It’s an app that may be more liked by children because of the colorful colors and different designs of the spinners and the fact that it works like the real toy.

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