Find Five: Find the Difference Review

On November 8, 2023

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Yer friendly app pirate is here again for another exciting adventure looking for new treasures with the buckos and me parrot pet. One of the buckos misplaced an important item in the good old Jolly Roger. Luckily, all of us are good at finding things, so with the help of everyone, we found it in no time. Aye, we have sharp eyes in spotting objects that’s why booty hunting is always a success. Also, one of me favorite games to play even on apps is finding objects, and I’ll share one of them in this review. Batten down the hatches and let’s start the review of the app called Find Five: Find the Difference by Severex.

There are different categories with crisp images

Find Five Find the difference Review

This game has superb images, which is important in this kind of game, since the quality of the pictures has a huge effect on the game experience. The images are crisp and colorful and are fun to look at. Also, this makes it easier to distinguish the objects. There are different categories of puzzles to unlock. The variety gives it a fresh feel even if you are playing the same basic gameplay. 

It has short but challenging levels

Find Five Find the difference App

There are only five different objects to find in each level, making it short and fast-paced. Also, there’s a time limit of 60 seconds, which makes it more challenging. It trains your eyes and focuses on searching the objects. There’s also a zoom feature, so you can zoom in and out helping you to see the images better. 

It’s free and easy to earn coins

This is another game that you can download without spending anything. It’s also not difficult to earn coins, which you can use in unlocking more content. Although there are ads, they are not too much, so you can still enjoy playing the app. 

Thumbs up

It’s free to download with different themes and outstanding graphics. It’s challenging as it has a time limit. It’s easy to earn coins that you can use to unlock more contents. 

Thumbs down

There are only five images to find in every level, which may not be enough for those who want to play longer and search for more. 

The verdict

Find Five: Find the Difference is recommended for those who are into finding the object type of games. There’s nothing to lose to try it since it’s free to download and play. You will also not be forced to make an in-app purchase as earning coins is not that hard. You can use these coins to unlock more content. It also has superb images, which is an important factor in this game genre since you are searching for objects. It makes the game experience better since you can recognize the pictures properly. The time limit makes it more challenging as you need to find everything in a minute.

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