Find Sort Match: Puzzle Game Review

On February 7, 2024

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! We found plenty of interesting booties that we took back to the good old Jolly Roger. The area where we keep the booties is a bit messy, so me and the crew decided to spend the afternoon cleaning and organizing. We just finished and it looks more spacious and attractive now. Aye, we buckos are not just good in finding treasures but in tidying up rooms and the entire ship too. It could turn unorganized at times, but that seldom happens, and we always get things back in place in no time. This is why we also enjoy sorting games, like 

Find Sort Match: Puzzle Game by Work Point. Let me tell ye hearties more about it in this review.

It’s visually appealing with relaxing background music

Find Sort Match Review

This game will treat your eyes with its eye-candy graphics. There are so many things that you will see as there are different kinds of puzzles throughout the game. The images are well-drawn and neat. Even if this is a sorting game and various pieces are not in place when you start a level, the puzzles still do not look chaotic, which adds to its relaxing feel. Even the background is relaxing, so even if you play it you will not be distracted. It even makes you feel calmer. However, we can’t say the same with the sound that plays when you complete a level because it’s kind of distracting. It doesn’t go well with the overall soothing vibe of the game. 

It’s free but there are ads after every level

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You can get the game for free, but as you would expect, there are ads after every level. Moreover, there are puzzles that will require you to watch ads to unlock them. There’s an option to remove the ads by paying real money, but this is just an option. Plus, there are also puzzle packs that are only available if you pay for them, although again, it’s optional that you do. You can still keep playing the free levels if you prefer not to spend real cash. 

There’s a variety of puzzle games

One good thing about this game is it has variety. The levels are short, but they are different from each other, so there’s always something new to play. The puzzles are not too difficult to solve, but due to the variety, it makes every level interesting. Moreover, the average difficulty level is just right for those who are looking for a relaxing gameplay, instead of being stressed due to the hard levels. 

Thumbs up

It’s free and there are different types of puzzles to play on each level. It has attractive visuals and calming background music. It’s not frustrating to solve the puzzles and it’s fast-paced. 

Thumbs down

There are ads after every level and forced ads to unlock some levels. The sounds that play after completing a level are distracting. 

The verdict

Find Sort Match: Puzzle Game is recommended for those who are into logic puzzle games. There are many levels of fun puzzles that have variety. They are not too difficult and they are interesting. It’s free to download the game too and you will love the gorgeous visuals. 

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