Granny Legend Review

On July 11, 2021

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! It’s me again yer favorite pirate and me just got back from a dive down Davey Jones’ locker. Me know that ye mateys are no longer worried although many consider that place extremely dangerous. Ye would know by now that this bucko loves danger and there is nothing that me would not survive, especially when it comes to booties! Har, har, har. As a treat for ye hearties checking on me, I will give ye another fun app review. This time, it will for a game called Granny Legend by Fastone Games.

It’s easy to learn with smooth controls

Granny Legend Review

There is an instruction at the beginning of the game on how to play it so you will have a guide. Moreover, it’s intuitive, so you will not have a hard time learning its gameplay. Move your character by swiping on the screen to the direction where you wish it to go. There will be weapons spinning around you, which you will use to attack the enemies and the bosses. The controls work smoothly so you will not have an issue with that.

It’s challenging and fun at the same time

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The game has its challenge, especially it has boss fights. There are also enemies that require more hits before they die. Plus, the terrain is not just straight. There are curves and turns that you will encounter. There are also enemies that are coming from other sides, so you can’t just expect them to be in front of you. It’s fun because it’s not boring but not too difficult either. It’s also fast paced so you will not spend a long time with a level before going to the next one.

It has outstanding graphics, animation, music, and effects

The developers did a great job with the design. The graphics are vibrant, clean, and detailed. There are also different characters to unlock and choose from. You can also unlock weapons and choose which to use in the game. The animation is swift, and the music and special effects work well with the game, giving it a lively vibe.

It’s free but you might need gems to keep playing

You can download the game for free. If you run out of lives, you can use gems to get more and continue playing. You have the option to either make an in-app purchase for the gems, or watch advertisements to get free ones. However, there are times that the ads will not load, which means no free gems.

The good

Granny Legend is free to play and it’s easy to learn. It is fun and challenging, and it has winner graphics and music that add to the overall gaming experience. The controls are also smooth.

The bad

In the more difficult levels, you might find yourself losing lives. You can get free gems to get more lives by watching ads, but the problem is that they may not load at times.

The verdict Granny Legend is an enjoyable RPG and arcade game to try. Besides having problems with the ads not loading when you need free gems, it is a fun app that is fast-paced, easy to learn, and will keep

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