Happy Cooking: 2023 Chef Fever Review

On November 25, 2023

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Here’s yer favorite app pirate having a fantastic time celebrating the birthday of one of the bucko’s. We set everything aside today to have fun and enjoy the special occasion. Of course, there’s music and rum, and all the delicious foods you can think of. Ye know us buccaneers. We are not just good in booty hunting, but in cooking too. Our experience exploring various places allowed us to taste a wide variety of foods, and also learn how to make them. From steaks to pasta, everything you can think of is here. So, before I go back to the party and get drunk, let’s go straight with the review of the app called Happy Cooking: 2023 Chef Fever by Joynow Studio.

It has outstanding graphics, animation, and sound effects

Happy Cooking 2023 Chef Fever Review

The game is in a third person view, and you are close to the ingredients, so you get to see every detail, which is an incredible sight, especially since the images are top-notch. From the drinks to the food you serve, they fit the restaurant themes well, like sushi and snacks. The animation also deserves two thumbs up because movements are smooth and even the little details add to the beauty of the game like the smoke coming from the patties and hotdogs you grill. The sound effects are equally amazing like the sizzling of foods and the sound it makes when getting drinks. 

It’s free with acceptable number of ads

Happy Cooking 2023 Chef Fever App

You can download this game for free. There are in-app purchases, but you can keep playing without spending real money, although of course, it would take longer than using premium currency. There are ads after every level, but it’s normal on most free games since that’s how the developers earn. At least, they don’t pop-up in the middle of playing. There are ads that you could watch to earn prizes, unfortunately, they don’t always finish playing, so you don’t get anything. 

You can play if offline and there are hundreds of levels

Another good thing about this game is that once downloaded, you don’t need an internet connection to keep playing. So, you can take it with you and play anytime. You can unlock and upgrade hundreds of ingredients, appliances, and interiors. There are also different restaurants to unlock. 

It’s not hard to earn coins and there’s an energy bar

Earning coins is easy and you can go back to the levels you already played to keep earning or to earn three stars. There’s an energy bar that deducts energy when you play a level, although it also replenishes every couple of minutes.

The good

The game is free, and you can play it offline. The ads are not too much, and there are many ingredients, decorations, and appliances to unlock. There are also various restaurant themes available. It’s easy to earn coins too. 

The bad

Some of the ads that will earn you prizes don’t finish playing, so you don’t get the prizes. 

The verdict

Happy Cooking: 2023 Chef Fever is an excellent game, especially if you love cooking and time management. It’s free, fun, and challenging. You can also take it with you anywhere as it’s available offline. 

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