Kick the Boss Review

On October 21, 2012

Greeting me lads and me lass! This is yer favorite app reviewing pirate speaking. You know app reviewing and sailing the high seas can sound all fine and dandy but there are some things that can put a pirate a bit uneasy. Take this tale for example. The good ole Jolly Rogers is the place of fun and cool things. Even if I was hard and harsh at me lads, the boys always look up to me. So that is what I thought until one day I found a treasure map made by me lads. It was a map for the Jolly Rogers. I followed the trail around like any good pirate would. Then it led to me room. And there was a drawing of me in the map sleeping while a pirate from me crew is kicking my behind. It was a map on how to put the booty on the captain’s booty. I did not know that the boys hated me so.

Kick the Boss and Keep the Job

This incident brought change in the good ole Jolly Rogers. I reflected for days and realized that I should boot them boys into the waters filled with sharks. I made some of them walk the plank and into the kraken’s deep. If you want to kick your boss, make sure that he does not know it. Arrr that is why the mobile game app, Kick the Boss was created. It is a little mobile app that lets you do what its name says – to kick the boss. Why would anyone do that? Well bosses, like me, can be a pain in the behind. And to keep it all in is bad for your health. Sometimes you have to let the pain go and let ‘er rip. Be careful not to let it pass from yer behind. But unlike me former crew, be smart enough to just play the game so you can still keep your job. Right? Right! Perfect matey.

Love thy Boss?

Does this mean you have to love your boss? Heck, no. Even I hate me self sometimes. But you should learn to let the pain out. Download this game and this is exactly what it lets you do. So how do you play the game? Here is how you start it out. Do your darn best at work. Let your boss comment on your work. Let the anger simmer. Accumulate evil emotions then open the Kick your Boss game. In the game, you hurt the boss by using tacks. And as you bring on the pain you get to unlock more and more weapons like knives and guns. Keep doing so until you beat him so bad you begin to feel good. That is a simple enough gameplay that capitalizes on a base emotion. And this is a formula for a very good game.

How Does it Look? To Beat Your Boss Up

The game deals with the negative emotion you are carrying with you. The mobile game developer, Game Hive Corporation, made sure that you are looking at something that will help ease the pain. The game isn’t a work of art, though. It doesn’t sport advanced graphics or something. The game is, in its purest essence, cute, extra cute even, – cute enough to get the stress inside you relieved. One can even mistake it for a kid’s game because of its cartoon-like qualities. But it works like a charm.

Most games rely on the sly mechanics to make people play them over and over again. The mobile game app, Kick the Boss, harps on a base emotion that keeps the people coming back for more. As long as you have an evil boss, or the legend of the monster boss lives, the game will become relevant and playable for the ages to come.

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