Minecraft Review

On October 19, 2012

The seven seas are filled with loots to behold and fall in love with. But arrr mateys! We pirates of the good ole Jolly Rogers love to make the nice looking loot and whatever we set our eyes on as ours. Alas as a child, me pirate mom told me if you cannot make it, you take it. Arrr ! And this pirate is not really gifted with hands that create. But I do have a hand that is quick to take other things. I envy them land lubbers who can create. Even those who can string their hands to make crochet works. Worry not me lads and me lass. I make do by playing a game that allows me to be creative. The Minecraft mobile game app is my way of expressing my inner artist. Take a look at my review.

Mining in the Craft

The mobile game app, Minecraft, is a game of creativity. To be able to enjoy this mobile game app, you must channel your inner creativity. Do not worry. Even this pirate found the inner beauty matey. The needed touch to play the game. Arrr I am shedding a tear already. But enough of that. The mobile game app is played by making or building constructs from textured cubes. And the game is set in a 3D sphere. Basically, it lets you go wild in creating and exploring. The fun comes in knowing the limitation of the medium and then going beyond it. This is the principle in art. Know the limits and rise above it. The same applies in the mobile game app, Minecraft. All this talk of art and creativity might be too much for a pirate or even a land lubber. But the mobile game app is good for many. It is an app that will keep many posted to their screens for a long time. Minecraft, by virtue of the game concept alone, is worth the download.

Mining Modes

The mobile game developer was not content with just having a very interesting game to play. No, mateys. They did not stop at the being creative bit. They created game modes that will put players to the test. The first mode is the Survival mode. In this game mode, the players must gather their own resources. To add to that challenge, they must also maintain their own lives in this mode. One can say that this is the harder version of the mobile game. The second mode is called the Creative mode. In this mode, the player is pretty much like God. The supply for creation is endless and they even have the ability to fly around the 3D world. Health and hunger is no longer an issue in this game mode. And lastly, the hardest of the game modes is the Hardcore mode. In this mode there is no respawn. Yes, it is that tough. Play at your own risk.

Share the Mine

The mobile game Minecraft is best played by sharing. That is why the game is fitted with a feature so you can play and interact with other players. The multiplayer feature adds more fun to the already amazing gaming experience. You can connect to other Minecraft players by opening your Wi-Fi. And once you are hooked to one another you will be hooked to great gaming experience.

Free or Not For Free?

The economy is tough matey. And that is why the game developers are offering a free mode. The free mode has a major difference. In the free game mode, you cannot save the game. And that spells a lot in playing the game.

The mobile game Minecraft is a gem of an app. And this should be part of every one’s mobile apps collection. However, spring for the paid version if you really want to enjoy this gem.

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