Move People Review

On December 18, 2021

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Yer app pirate is ready to go on another booty hunting adventure. Me and the crew are preparing for our next stop. It would be approximately a couple of days before we arrive there, so we took the time to clean the good old Jolly Roger. We’ve been busy with the back to back booty hunting we had for the previous weeks, and this is the only time that we had a breather. But that’s okay cause ye know me hearties how much we love adventures. Since me have free time, let me also give ye another app review that me know ye are waiting for. Avast ye and let me tell ye about this app called Move People by Supersonic Studios LTD

It’s free with plenty of ads

move people review

You can download and play the game for free but it comes with many ads. There’s a workaround though, which is to play offline, but you cannot get updates while playing without internet connection.

It has average graphics

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The graphics is in 3D, but it doesn’t have a wow factor, considering the many detailed and more realistic 3D games available now. However, it’s also not too bad. It’s better than stick figures, so it can fall on the average level.

It has a unique gameplay

There are several apps that you can download and most of them have similar gameplays. However, this app is not the typical game that you would find. You control the characters like puppets to achieve the goal for the level. There are areas marked by circles that you can move to achieve the objective like hugging the other character or making it dance.

It’s fast paced with limited levels

As mentioned, every level has an objective, and they are not too hard to complete, so you can cover several levels in one sitting. If you do that, you will end up playing all levels within a short period.

The good

Move People is a free game to download and play. It has a unique gameplay and it’s also fast paced. It’s not too difficult, so if you are looking for a game to pass time without too much effort on your end, this game is one to try.

The bad

The graphics of the game are not too eye-catching and there are many ads. You can finish the levels fast if you play continuously since it’s fast paced.

The verdict

Move People is one to add on your list if you want a casual and unique game to pass time. It’s free and it’s not too difficult, so it’s good enough to enjoy without being stressed out. However, if you want a more challenging game, it may not be the one for you since the levels are easy to complete. You may finish all levels within a short time if you continuously play the game. You would need to wait for updates to get new levels if that happens.

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