Pandora Review

On September 27, 2012

Ah! How can one not love the sea? Ahoy land lubber! A pirate like cannot ask for more. On my left, I can see the rolling deep blue sea. On my right, I can see the rolling deep blue sea. Behind me, I can see my stinky first mate but behind him is the deep blue sea. And in front of me, I see the deep blue sea. Arrr! Mateys! Who am I kidding? It can get really boring in the good ole Jolly Rogers. Day in and day out all a pirate can hear is the creaking of wood against the splashing of water. And the pirate songs! Garrr! Do not get me started with the pirate songs! Can I pirate have a little more? That is why it is a good thing I found gold in me app store loot. And this is the app Pandora. Here is my review for my Pandora app.

Is it Pandora’s Box?

Arr matey! This is not the Pandora’s box that you hear in the stories. No it is not me lads. The Pandora mobile app is an online radio app. But it is not just a mobile app that lets you listen to radio, it lets you create your own radio station. Yes, that is true. But that does not mean that you can create your own booth and broadcast from there. This is a simple station where your preferred music is played. The customized online radio station is a great concept for a bored pirate like me.

Setting Your Mood

All right land lubber! The mobile app Pandora is detailed enough so you will really get the songs you want. It is as if every song is a request. And you can do that by filling in the parameters on the Pandora mobile app. What you have to do is first remember your favorite artist the input it. Your choice can be a male singer, female singer, rapper, band, or what not. The cool thing about Pandora is you can zero in on the specific song. That is how cool the Pandora mobile app is.

Suggestions? Any one?

The Pandora music app does not only give you the song and artist you like. It is also smart enough to suggest a song that is similar to your preference. It has a music-matching feature. So for example, if you like Guns n’ Roses, you will be given other songs from other bands like Aerosmith. The same can be said if you like one genre, other songs and artists can be suggested to you. This is a great way for Pandora users to expand their music library.

Privacy Warning

Users must be warned though. As much as this is a great app, your user profile will be public. People can view your profile that way. But do not worry there is a way to keep your profile free from the prying eyes online. All you have to do is to look for the ticker box option that will indicate if your profile is private. When enjoying your music, you do not want other people, especially creepy online stalker, to be lurking about on your choice. Listening to music is a very personal experience for some. And you do not want that to be ruined by online stalkers. But do not fear, this Pandora mobile music app is still a great app. The Pandora mobile music app is really created for music sharing. And that is why the option to share play lists is the default setting. Just uncheck it and you are good to go.

Arrr land lubbers, the Pandora mobile music app is great when you are bored. Make sure that this app is in your mobile device.

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