Piffle Review

On May 3, 2023

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Ahoy there me lads and lasses! It’s me again, yer favorite app pirate ready for another booty hunting adventure around the seven seas. The crew and I are going for another dive down Davey Jones’ locker and we can’t wait to explore as it’s been a while since we last went there. It’s always an excellent experience going there because although many think it’s dangerous, me and the bucko find it exciting. Aye, ye know how good we are in finding booties, even in the most dangerous places. But before we go on a dive, let me give ye your regular dose of app review. So, batten down the hatches and let’s begin.

It has adorable drawing

Piffle Review

One of the strong sides of this game is that it has adorable graphics. It’s enjoyable looking at the cute characters, and colorful objects and environment. The main game window has different blocks, objects and Piffle balls that you need to hit, and they are all eye-candy. Even the obstacles look nice. The world map where you see what level you are in also looks outstanding. It has a clean and vibrant interface that is relaxing to look at. 

It’s free and fun

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You don’t have to spend anything to get this game because it’s free to download. There are in-app purchases like for the power-ups but you will not be forced to get them. You can still keep playing without spending anything and it’s fun. It’s somewhat like the classic bubble shooter game that you may have played before, but it’s a lot better than that. You have to shoot using the Piffle balls to hit the targets. But unlike the classic bubble shooter game, this one has different objects and characters, and they also go down, which means game over if they reach the bottom of the game window. Moreover, there are various objects that can also make your Piffle balls more powerful. 

It has several levels

There are several levels to play. Once you collected all the stars needed, it would open more levels for you. However, there are levels that are very difficult to pass without power-ups. So, if you don’t have power-ups, you might find yourself having to keep repeating those levels, which can get frustrating at some point. The levels don’t really increase in difficulty as you progress, but it’s like the difficulty level is random. There are very easy levels that you can complete even when you are far in the game, and as mentioned, there are those that are too hard. 

The ups

The game is enjoyable, and it’s free. There are several levels to complete and the drawing is adorable. 

The downs

There are levels that are too difficult to pass. You may need to play them several times before you progress, but it can be frustrating at some point, especially if you are not that patient in playing. 

The verdict

Piffle is a fun game and it’s also free, so it’s highly recommended that you give it a try. It has adorable graphics that add to the enjoyment of the game. There are several levels with various difficulty, and it will also remind you of an upgraded version of the classic bubble shooter game. 

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