Piperoll Review

On October 20, 2012

Ahoy there! Greetings me favorite land lubbers. It has been a while. I have been busy. Actually, me and me lads have been working on a secret project. Arrr darn it! We were out the whole week working on our pipes. You got that right. We dropped the anchor and went to me home. Me home’s pipes are broken. It is no fun to fix them pipes. The movies got them all wrong. Me lads ended up all tired from dodging water from the pipes. Arrrr! I like them pipes when they were inside a mobile device. Like in the mobile game app, Piperoll. Here is my review for the game.

Logic Mate Logic!

I think the big problem me and me crew had in fixing our pipes is logic. I admit me lads are not the sharpest tools in the shed. If only they had Piperoll to play with when they were younger. Their logic would have been better. You see the game is all about logic. What for, you might ask? In the mobile game, the liquid in the house is pouring out on the ground. The challenge is, simply put, to not let the liquid pour straight out into the soil. Nobody would love to have squishy gardens. That would just ruin everything like garden weddings, weekend barbecues, and even your wife’s landscaping activity. A wet soil is like a wet blanket. In the game, there are some pipes strewn underneath the soil. And it is up to you piece the pipes together so that the liquid will flow properly and not spill out. The time pressure is in the form of the flowing substance. The faster it is, the faster you should be in twisting and turning pipes to make them all meet. The game concept is the simple and time proven mix and match. You keep mixing until it all matches. When a game is based on a simple mechanic it has the tendency to be a good hit. Piperoll utilizes an old game mechanic to the hilt. This game is a sure way to have fun with your mobile device.

Puzzling is it?

The mobile game app Piperoll falls under the classic puzzle category. It takes a lot of brains and quickness. It is no first person shooter matey! It calls for some sophisticated game play approach. Though some of me lads squeal like a little mermaid when they play. Having said that, Piperoll is one of the best puzzle games around.

You are Your Own Enemy

This mobile game, just like in any puzzle game, the enemy is you. You are the one who sets the performance that you need to surpass. It is a great achievement to get the first top score of the game. Then you will realize that it is just your first crack at the game. Then you play the game a second and third time and you do much better. Now you have beaten your own score. The cycle goes on and on just like that. This is the game that you do not gloat over social media websites. It is no Temple Run. It is the quiet game that you play for sheer personal enjoyment. Because beating your own best score is nice to do every now and then. Multiplayer and sharing may not be part of the scheme of things for the game for now. But that is just fine and does not hurt the game at all.

Eye Candy?

If you are looking for an eye candy, then I suggest that you look elsewhere. This mobile game app is brain candy mate. It is good for thinking and not for its design or graphics. I am not saying that it is a sight for sore eyes. But you see what you need to see. Just enough to be able to play the game and enjoy connecting pipes.

Piperoll is a good game for anyone who loves to solve things on their free time. Pick it up at your app store and let the water flow through your pipes.

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