Pitu Review

On June 23, 2018

Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses. Here’s yer favorite app pirate back from another adventure from the seven seas. We buccaneers have fun time while sailing on the next location that we will treasure hunt. We do a lot of crazy stuff, which I know ye maties are already familiar with by now, aye? Har, har, har! We found this app called Pitu by Tencent Technology and we tried the different features that came with it, which made us happy, including me parrot pet! Batten down the hatches me hearties and let me tell ye more about it.

Cute and Clean Interface

Pitu Review

The overall look of the app is adorable. From eye-candy home screen that comes with cute icons to the effects on its various features like the stickers and photos, you would love what you’ll see. The icons are also placed well so the home screen is not busy in the eye. It may not have a tutorial on how it’s used, but exploring it yourself will not be difficult. It’s not rocket science so you can learn how to use it by yourself in no time, especially if you have used photo editor apps before.

Fun Features

Pitu App

Pitu is a free to download app, although there are some options that are available for in-app purchase. However, there are still a lot of fun features to use even if you don’t use real money. It’s like a combination of various photo apps as it comes with editing options, make-up, and even stickers and effects. One of the most fun and popular features of this app is the “crazy ex-face”. There are several photos available on this feature, and you can use your own face to replace the one in the photo. However, most of them are for women, so this specific feature is suited for the said gender, although guys can use it for fun too. You can take a photo or use a saved one on your phone. As long as it’s a clear photo that’s facing the camera, the result will be superb. The face would fit perfectly on the photo and it would look like you’re really the one in there.

Big Size and Lags

The file size of this app is big, which is not suitable for those with smaller space on their device. Since it used more space, there’s also a tendency that it will lag, especially if you don’t have much space on your device. The slowness can affect the overall experience since you would have to wait for the features to load.

Not Responsive

The app is also not responsive, which means that it doesn’t display perfectly on all kinds of devices. It’s a fantastic app to use if it fits your screen, but it can be frustrating if it doesn’t since you will not be able to see all the options.

The Good

Pitu is free to download and it has several amazing features for photo editing that are fun to use. It is also an eye-candy and it’s not rocket science to learn.

The Bad

This app takes much space and it could lag, which can take away from the experience.

The Verdict

Pitu is a super fun and cute app. As long as you have enough space in your device that will prevent it from lagging, it is highly recommended that your grab it, especially if you love photo editing apps.

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