Prison Break: Lockdown (Free) Review

On October 17, 2016

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum. Ahoy there me hearties. Yer friendly app pirate is here again for another review of an app that me found while booty hunting on the seven seas. The app that I will share with ye today reminded me of something about me past. Ye see, when I was a younger lad, me spent some days in jail because of some naughty stuff that I did. Me tried escaping but wasn’t successful. Har, har, har. Blimey! Good thing I was released soon. The reason why this app reminded me of that past is because it’s also a prison game. The app me mateys is called Prison Break: Lockdown (Free) and we’ll start the review now.

It Would Challenge Your Brains


If you love puzzle games and finding hidden objects, this is an app that would interest you. The game was inspired by the TV series “Prison Break” and like the show, your character would be put behind jail for a crime that you did not commit. Your goal is to break out of the prison doing everything you can including solving puzzles and using your social skills.

It could be difficult especially at first as you are still familiarizing yourself with how it’s played. The items that you would need or the clues to get them can be found around, but they are so subtle, so you have to try everything even those that may seem ridiculous. For instance, you could use pliers to cut wires on the bed, which I would personally have not thought of right away.

Amazing Graphics


While the people in the game do not look realistic, they do not look bad at all. What would amaze you is the place as it looks real. It’s like you’ve been in a real prison cell. Do not expect pretty things though as the setting is in a prison. However, what makes it nice is that you would feel that you are really searching for things inside a real prison cell.

No Guide on How It Works

While it doesn’t really take rocket science to play the game, it would have still been better if there was a guide on how to do this, especially you could combine things that you find in order to find a way out. Most puzzle games like this would let you use the things that you find but not combine them.

The Ups

One of the good things about this app is that it’s free and it has great graphics making you feel that you are actually exploring a real prison cell. You would feel challenged as it would keep your brains thinking of ways on how to escape.

The Downs

It doesn’t have any guide that would tell what to do, although you can always find tutorials on other sites like YouTube. The app is only available on Android so if you are an iOS user, you would not be able to get it.

The Verdict

Prison Break: Lockdown is generally a good game to play, especially for those who love puzzle and those who love to challenge themselves and stimulate their brains. There are a few setbacks, but not too major that they would turn you off from playing the game.

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