Shiba Force Review

On April 3, 2021

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Me and the crew went on a dive under the ocean and explored Davey Jones’ locker. We found some new treasure. We also found a sunken ship nearby, which we are not yet done checking. It has been a long day for us, so we will rest a little and we will go back. We know we will see more because we have only checked a small area of it, but we already took home some great finds. Let’s forget all about that for now. It’s time for me to relax, and of course, to share with ye another app review. Let me tell ye more about this app called Shiba Force by Bromio. Listen app me hearties and let’s begin.

Adorable graphics

Shiba Force Review

The game has cute cartoon graphics with Shiba Inu dogs as the main characters. They start as regular looking dogs that you will recruit as heroes. As they level up, they gain more powers, and they change in costume. You can recruit new shibas as you move forward with the game. There is also the base called shibase where the shiba superheroes are stationed. It’s also where the different items that they collect are stored.

Coins and diamonds are not hard to collect

Shiba Force App

You get coins as the shibas complete their mission. There is also daily reward where you can get them for free. It’s a free game that you can play, and there are in-app purchases available. However, if you don’t want to spend real money in the game, it wouldn’t be a problem. You can keep playing without spending cash, especially it’s not that difficult to earn coins and diamonds.

There’s really not much to do

The basic gameplay will let you recruit shibas, and send them in a mission. There is no specific mission, but the shiba will bring an item from their trip that will be displayed in the base. You have no control or you can’t see what happens to the shiba while in the mission. It’s just really letting them go and waiting for them to return. While waiting, you can explore around the base to see what you collected. There is a mini game, but it’s only one as of this writing. While waiting for the shiba to come back, you can play this mini game that will let you dig the ground and burry things. It can get easily boring since it’s repetitive and there are no other options.

The good

Shiba Force is free to play and it has adorable graphics. It’s easy to earn coins and diamonds so you can keep playing even without spending real money. The shibas evolve with their costumes as they level up.

The bad

There is only one mini game and it can get easily boring since it’s repetitive. There is really not much you can do on the game because it is basically about sending the shibas on a mission and waiting for them to come back with a new object.

The verdict

Shiba Force is not for those who prefer continuous action in their game. It’s more for those who want a casual game that they can play on the side. It’s free, and it has adorable graphics. So, you may want to add it on your list as a break from your regular games.

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