Simon’s Cat – Pop Time Review

On October 10, 2021

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Ahoy there me hearties! Yer favorite app pirate is back for another adventure around the seven seas. Me and the crew are trying to get as much rest as we can because our next destination is an island with rough terrains, fierce weather, and wild animals. Aye, it is one of the most dangerous places that we will ever explore, but as ye already know, the more dangerous, the more fun for us. Har, har, har! Don’t worry me lads and lasses, even this bucko is the busiest, me still prioritize giving ye an app review. Batten down the hatches and let’s begin the review of this app called Simon’s Cat – Pop Time by Tactile Games Limited.

Superb graphics and sound effects

Simon Cat Pop Time Review

If you know the book series and web cartoon Simon’s Cat, you will immediately love this game because you will be familiar of the characters. However, if you are unfamiliar, you will still love what you will see because the cat and the critters are all cute. Even the different gardens that you will pass through as you unlock levels, which serve as the game map, are also nice to see. There are different bubbles to pop, and they are colorful, bringing life to the game. A background music plays that has the right tempo. It’s not too loud, so you can still focus on the game. The sound effects also make it more exciting.

It’s easy to play with the right amount of difficulty

Simon Cat Pop Time App

If you have played bubble games before, this app has the same gameplay. However, instead of just popping balls and clearing the game window, you must free a specific number of critters using the limited shot that you have. You move to the next level once you free the number of critters required without running out of moves. Some of levels are more challenging, since there are more obstacles. But they are not too frustrating.

Hundreds of levels are available

There are hundreds of levels to play, which give you hours of fun play time. However, once you have completed all levels, it may take time to get more levels. As of this writing, there are new no levels released. Also, it took a while before the last levels where added after the levels before them.

It’s free but the ads can be frustrating

It’s free to download and play the game. However, the ads can be frustrating because you can’t exit them until they are done playing. Plus, they may also cause the app to freeze, so you may end up having to restart the app, which can be annoying.

The good

It’s free and it has cute graphics. There are hundreds of levels to unlock. It’s easy to play with the right level of challenge.

The bad

The ads can be annoying because you can’t exit them until they are done playing, and they can also cause the app to freeze.

The verdict

Simon’s Cat – Pop Time may have some issues with the ads, but other than that, it’s a fun bubble shooter game to play. It’s free, has several fun levels, and it’s easy to play with the right amount of challenge.

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