Storyteller Review

On January 31, 2024

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses! It’s me again, yer favorite app pirate and I’m here to give ye another app review that I know ye are waiting for. Ye might think that this old salt only cared about booty hunting and sailing, but believe it or not, I’m also a bookworm. Aye, besides playing games in my free time, I would often read different kinds of books that range from history to science. I also love reading novels. There was even a time that this bucko dreamed of becoming a writer and coming up with me own novels. There’s this app that somehow let you do that. Let me introduce you to this app called Storyteller by Netflix, Inc.

It’s only for Netflix members

Storyteller Review

This puzzle game is exclusive for Netflix members only. So, if you are a Netflix member, you can download this game on your mobile device. Unfortunately, for non-members, this is unavailable for download. The number of people who will be able to play is limited due to its exclusivity. 

It has a unique gameplay

Storyteller App

This puzzle game is unique, so if you are looking for something fresh, this will pique your interest. It’s a storytelling and puzzle game in one. The enjoyable part is that you get to decide on what happens in the story based on the given scenario. There are various chapters each with different pages. You get to be creative and also think hard to achieve the theme. There are different scenarios you can come up with as long as it satisfies the caption, and this also makes it challenging. You can easily drag and drop the images in the boxes to create a scene, so control is not a problem. However, there are bugs in some chapters are they sometimes turn into black screen. 

The artwork is adorable and animation is fun

The artwork is adorable, as it feels like you are reading a fairytale book, especially in the beginning. There are various backgrounds and characters that you can drag on the boxes and they are perfect for the theme of the game, as it looks like they were taken from a children’s fairytale book. There are even characters that are inspired by characters from these books, like witches and princesses. There’s also a slight animation with the characters having an instant reaction based on what you come up with, like being shocked or crying. 

Thumbs up

This game is unique and it brings a fresh take in the puzzle genre. It has many chapters and it’s up to you on how the story will unfold. The images are also cute and the reactions of the characters are funny. 

Thumbs down

It’s only available for Netflix members, and there are chapters that turn into black screen or hang. 

The verdict

We recommend Storyteller for Netflix members who are looking for a unique puzzle game with a fresh take. It’s enjoyable and you get to create your own story based on the given scenarios. You’ll also love the adorable images and funny reactions of the characters. 

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