Swamp Attack Review

On May 14, 2024

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses! The crew and I just got back from another successful dive down the ocean. We found this spot that held loads of amazing finds. We went back several times and there’s still more to see. We’ll take a rest for now and dive again tomorrow. While I’m spending me free time, of course, I won’t forget to share another app review cause I know that you’ve been waiting for it. Without further ado, let’s begin the review of the app called Swamp Attack by Outfit7 Limited.

It has admirable artwork and animation

Swamp Attack Review

The artwork is fun. It’s set in a swamp,with a house that you need to defend from the monsters. The house is shabby and the main character is an old, fat guy. Besides the main character, more characters to help fight the monsters are available as you progress in the game. There are also different kinds of monsters and bosses in the levels, which make it more enjoyable and exciting as you will not be seeing the same thing over and over again. The movement of the characters and monsters are smooth, and the special effects when weapons are fired are also eye-catching. 

It’s free but the there are long ads after a while

Swamp Attack App

The game is free to download. Advertisements are not a problem on the first few levels. However, somewhere in the game, you’ll start getting long video advertisements, which is time consuming. It affects the game experience because you need to wait for the ads to finish before you can continue, and this throws you off your momentum. 

It’s fun but it’s difficult to progress at some point

This game is fun to play because it’s like a take of the familiar plants versus zombies, but instead of protecting your plants, you’ll protect your house from the attacking monsters. There are different weapons to unlock and upgrade, and you can change weapons while in the middle of the game, which is cool as you can strategize on which works best against the enemies. Unfortunately, progress can be difficult at some point because it’s hard to upgrade due to the cost. You don’t earn much coins, so it takes time before you can make an upgrade needed for the higher levels and to defeat more powerful enemies. 

The good

This app is free to download and it has incredible artwork. There are different monsters, characters, and weapons to unlock. It’s fun, so you will enjoy playing the levels. 

The bad

There are long advertisements after some time and it gets harder to progress because upgrades become more expensive. 

The verdict

Swamp Attack is an enjoyable game that’s free to download, so we recommend you give it a try. You’ll have fun fighting against different monsters using various types of weapons. The artwork is impressive and it’s also challenging, so you will not get easily bored. 

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