Usagi Shima: Cute Idle Bunnies Review

On January 20, 2024

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Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me hearties! We came across this deserted island as we were on our way to our next destination. We often encounter interesting places that are not on our plan, and we always check them out because we’ll never know what we’ll find. There’s always something surprising in every place we visit, and this one did not disappoint. Besides the gold we found, there were other treasures we found on the island; bunnies! It was like a bunny paradise, and there were all types of adorable bunnies. If only we could take them with us in our ship, but that’s their home, so we just enjoyed the moment of seeing them there. Because we’re still hyped over the amazing bunny experience we had, I’ll share with ye an app review of this game called Usagi Shima: Cute Idle Bunnies by pankO. Batten down the hatches and let’s begin. 

Pretty hand drawn artwork

Usagi Shima Cute Idle Bunnies Review

One of the first things that you will notice in this app is its adorable artwork, which is drawn by hand. The developer clearly created it with passion because of the details and all the available items or objects in the game. The overall feel of the game is relaxing, and the images have a lot to do with that, especially the colors look warm. It’s set in an island that starts off as empty, and becomes more enticing as you decorate it. 

You have the freedom to decorate the island

Usagi Shima Cute Idle Bunnies App

There are similar idle bunny games out there with the same gameplay. However, what makes this different from the others is the freedom to decorate the island. In other games, you cannot  move the items around as they are placed automatically for you when you choose them. With this game, it’s up to you where to put them, and you can even move them after placing them. There’s also a wait time for the build. A little improvement that could be made is being able to move the item without waiting for a build time since it was already originally built, and you’re just moving it. 

It’s free and it doesn’t bombard you with ads

You can download this game for free. There are in-app purchases but you wouldn’t feel that you are forced to buy them because it’s easy to generate carrots, which are the same in-game currency, especially once you decorated the island. There are also achievements and missions that add spice to the game. It also does not bombard you with ads. 

The good

This game is adorable with its pretty hand drawn graphics. Even if it’s free to download and play, it doesn’t bombard you with graphics. It’s relaxing and you have the freedom to decorate the island. 

The bad

You need to wait for the build time to finish even when you are just moving an item that you already built. 

The verdict

If you love a cute idle island decorating game, we highly recommend Usagi Shima: Cute Idle Bunnies. You will not be disappointed because it’s an incredible game in general. It’s relaxing with its cute hand drawn images and you get to freely decorate. It’s also free to download without feeling that you’re forced to make an in-app purchase. You can also enjoy playing without being bombarded by ads. 

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