Vampire Survivors Review

On December 2, 2023

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Ahoy there me mateys! It’s me again yer friendly app pirate ready to explore the seven seas with the crew and me parrot friend. As we go to different places, we face and experience different things, some of them are those you wouldn’t expect, like monsters! Aye, one time we faced scary monsters on a deserted island. But we buckos are courageous and strong. We did not let them defeat us. We survived their attacks and even took home many booties. Speaking of monsters, the app we have for review will let you face different monsters, but as a vampire. So, listen up and let’s talk about the game called Vampire Survivors by Poncle.

It’s completely free with minimal ads

Vampire Survivors Review

This is a game that you can download without spending any money, and you can keep playing without a cost. There are no pop-up ads that will distract you compared to most free games. There are video ads that you can watch to revive your character if it dies or earn items, but you are not forced to watch them. It’s entirely up to you to do so. Unfortunately, there are times that the game hangs when you watch ads. Also, it sometimes open other apps, which resets the game from the start, so you lose your progress. 

You can play it offline

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Although you need an internet connection to download the game, you can play it even while offline. It’s something that you can bring with you wherever you go, like while on a long trip, waiting for your turn at an appointment, or just when you want to kill time. 

It has old school feels

It’s a classic game that was originally available for the PC platform. It’s exactly the same except that it’s for mobile devices. This app has pixel graphics, which gives that nostalgic vibe as it takes you back in time when video games were just starting. 

It’s fun and challenging

It’s a survive as long as you can type of game where you play the character of a vampire, although there are different characters to unlock and use. There are also many unlockable items and upgrades as you progress in the game. It gets more and more challenging since the enemies multiply and there are different types of them. 

The good

It’s free, enjoyable and challenging. There are many characters, items, and upgrades to unlock. It’s free without forced ads. The pixel graphics give a nostalgic old school computer games feel. You can also play it offline. 

The bad

There are times that the game hangs when you watch video ads. Opening another app will restart the game, so you will lose your progress. 

The verdict

Vampire Survivors is an app you should check out if you are looking for a game that would let you play as long as you can. It’s free, challenging, fun, and it doesn’t have forced ads. You can also play it even while offline.

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