Word Bliss Review

On June 27, 2024

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses! It’s been a tiring but satisfying week. We dived down Davey Jones’ locker and also explored a couple of tricky places, which were all a success. So, it’s time for a much needed break. Me and the crew are just chilling, eating, relaxing, and playing. We decided to treat ourselves for at least a couple of days break, and we’re loving it. We just finished playing word games, and these buckos can’t beat me. I’m the master of this game and that’s thanks to the many word games I played in my device, that enriched my vocabulary. Let me share with ye one of them, and it’s called Word Bliss by PlaySimple Games.

There are thousands of levels available

Word Bliss Review

As of this writing, there are about 3,000 levels available to play, which is a lot. You can look at hours and hours of gameplay, making it an ideal game for those who are into this type of genre. Since it’s available offline, you can take it with you and play wherever you go, even when you’re not connected to the internet. That’s of course, after download and installing it in your device. 

The difficulty level steadily increases

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The game starts as easy with a tutorial to guide you on how to play it. But it’s a straightforward game, so even without the tutorial, you can easily figure out how it’s played, especially if you have played similar games before. It has the same basic gameplay where you connect letters to form words. The game gets more challenging as you get to higher levels as the words you need to find become longer. But they are not insanely difficult, so you will taste a bit of challenge but not get frustrated. However, its dictionary could do some updating as there are words that are not accepted in the game. 

It’s free with acceptable number of ads

This is an app that you can download without spending anything. As most free games, this too has advertisements. It starts with an advertisement after every level, then it becomes a couple of ads at some point. These are 30 seconds long ads, which are still acceptable. But the problem is some of them play with sounds even if you turned off your game sounds, and there’s no way to disable them. 

It has attractive images

The game map that takes you from one level to another has pretty nature background, which makes it more relaxing. The images change, so you will see different ones, which are also the background of the main game window when you play the word puzzle. 

Thumbs up

It’s a free game with thousand of levels. You can play it offline and there are different nature backgrounds that are relaxing. The difficulty level steadily increases, but even the difficult ones are not frustrating. 

Thumbs down

There are advertisements that come with sounds that cannot be disabled. 

The verdict

We recommend Word Bliss for those who are into word games. It’s free to download and you can play it offline. Thousands of levels await you and they come with attractive nature images that are relaxing. 

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